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Before allegedly killing and dismembering Kim Wall aboard his private submarine, Danish inventor Peter Madsen wanted to make snuff video with other woman

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Alleged killers’ partner testifies that before Kim Wall’s death, Madsen wanted snuff video with other woman
Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been charged in the death of missing journalist Kim Wall, accused of abusing  the 30-year-old Swedish journalist before killing and dismembering her at sea
Wall was last seen alive Aug 10, 2017 joining Madsen aboard his home-built submarine for an interview 
The 47-year-old Dane faces charges including murder, dismemberment and “sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature”.
Additionally he faces a charge of endangering others’ lives, mobility and health for sailing in the routes of a cruise ship, a cargo ship, and for purposefully sinking his submarine
Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence  
Peter Madsen 4Murder accused: Danish inventor Peter Madsen in court in Copenhagen

Swedish journalist Kim Wall was last seen alive boarding a submarine belonging to the Dane, Peter Madsen on August 10, 2017. Prosecutors say she was killed and dismembered at sea by her host.
The Danish inventor has  been accused by the Danish authorities of binding and abusing the Swedish journalist Kim Wall on board his submarine before killing her, according to an indictment.
The 47-year-old scientist has given shifting explanations for what happened to Wall, 30, a prolific, award-winning  journalist who disappeared after boarding the vessel on Aug. 10 in Copenhagen to interview him,.
Her torso was found on a beach south of the city on August 21.

Kim Wall 1.pngKim Wall was killed and dismembered aboard Madsen’s private sub in Norway

Missing Swedish reporter, Kim Wall, who disappeared on a submarine found dead! Headless torso found at sea matches her DNA – Sub owner Peter Madsen charged
Most recently, Madsen admitted to dismembering her body, but he said that she had died in an accident.
According to Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen, the killing of the 30-year-old journalist was planned  by her accused killer, ahead of time.
Prosecutors earlier alleged the suspect had”sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature” with the victim. It is also alleged that he either cut Wall’s throat or strangled her before cutting up her body and depositing the remains into the sea.

Peter Madsen 4.jpgAfter police found torture paraphernalia in Madsen’s inventory, prosecutors have accused the Danish inventor of torturing, abusing Swedish journalist Kim Wall before killing her

This is highlighted in the indictment, as prosecutors say Madsen brought a “saw, sharpened screwdrivers, straps, strips and pipes” to the submarine before the trip, arguing that these were part of a plan to kill Wall.
The unnamed witness, described because of court orders only as a “mistress,” said that she had been involved with the 47-year-old, but that she was also aware of texts between Madsen and a friend about killing her.
She said that the friend had told her that in the days before Wall’s death, Madsen had talked to her about creating a “snuff video” on his vessel and wanted her to be the victim, according to DR.
The witness said that she did not know at the time what a “snuff video,” a video that shows someone die that may involve sexual abuse or torture, was at the time, and said that she did not think that Madsen and her friend would have done anything to her to have her end up in Wall’s place.
According to the indictment, Madsen “abused [Wall], by hitting her, stabbed and cut her and he killed her after which he dismembered her body”. Then straps and pipes were tied to her torso and limbs to weigh them down after he threw them overboard.
The police investigation has not been able to establish the exact cause of death, but say that she was either strangled or had her throat cut.

Kim Wall 3.jpgKim wall was reported missing by her boyfriend when she failed to return from the trip aboard Madsen’s vessel

Danish inventor Peter Madsen indicted in death of Swedish journalist – Tortured, abused Kim Wall before strangling and decapitating her at sea  

Investigators allegedly found videos and texts about killing women on Madsen’s laptop and an external hard drive.
To buttress the point, prosecutor Buch-Jepsen who said the “self-taught engineer was defiant”, read back to him a statement he had given to the police, in which he described how the 1995 film Se7en, about a serial killer, had sprung to mind as he dismembered the body.
“I don’t think that there’s anything unnatural in that remark,” Madsen told the court. “In that film, there is a scene where a person’s head is cut off.”
Madsen who claimed that he tried to protect Wall’s family from the details of the death by initially lying and saying that she had died after she was hit by a submarine hatch, explained the stab wounds on victim’s body were inflicted randomly, rather than a manifestation of repressed deviant sexual fantasies.
“I pierced certain parts of her body because I did not want them to be inflated by gas,” he said, adding that “there was nothing erotic in those blows”.
According to a report in theCopenhagen Post, Coroner Christina Jacobsen told the Copenhagen district court there was “no conclusive evidence to prove the cause of death beyond doubt” due to the amount of time the body was submerged in water: “What we think happened is that the airways were totally or partially cut off. That would be due to either strangulation, throat cutting or drowning,” Jacobsen added.
At the onset of the trial on March 8, Madsen claimed that Wall had died when the air pressure “suddenly dropped and toxic fumes filled his vessel” while he was up on deck, The Local writes.
That explanation was countered by an autopsy report on Wall’s lungs that concluded there were “no signs of exhaust gases in the tissue”.
The prosecutors a seeking a possible life term. In Denmark, a murder conviction typically carries a jail sentence of 12 years. However, in certain cases it is possible that a murder conviction attracts a sentence of life behind bars, if the convict is deemed too dangerous to be released.

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