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Fugitive husband-killer on the run from Minnesota murders lookalike, stealing her identity – Manhunt for Lois Ann Riess who shot Pamela Hutchinson in Florida

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Fugitive husband-killer on the lam from Minnesota murders lookalike she bumped into in Florida, steals victim’s  identity
Cops said Lois Ann Riess shot Pamela Hutchinson, in Fort Myers Beach, a total stranger inside Hutchinson’s Florida apt on Monday
Riess is accused in the death of her husband, 54-year-old David Riess on Mar 21, in Blooming Prairie, MN
Riess, 56, spotted “twin” 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson, in Fort Myers Beach, and somehow wormed her way into the woman’s home
After killing Hutchinson, the suspect then stole Hutchinson’s cash, credit cards,  IDs and fled in the victim’s car
After leaving Florida, Riess drove 1,300 miles to Louisiana, believed to be now in Corpus Christi, Texas
The 5 ft 5 inch, 165 pound blond is facing second-degree murder charges in Minnesota
In Florida she is wanted for murder, grand theft auto, grand theft and criminal use of personal ID

A calculating Minnesota woman allegedly murdered her husband, fled to Florida, and found her bottle-blonde doppelgänger– who she also killed, to steal the woman’s identity, authorities said.
Lois Ann Riess, 56, spotted “twin” Pamela Hutchinson, 59, in Fort Myers Beach, and somehow talked her way inside the woman’s apartment, where Riess shot her dead on Monday, CBS Minnesota reported.
Riess then snatched Hutchinson’s cash, credit cards and ID, hopped into her white 2005 Honda Acura TL and fled, authorities believe.
Riess has been on the lam for at least three weeks since her husband, David Riess, 54, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds at the couple’s home in Blooming Prairie, MN., on March 23.  David Riess likely died on March 21, two days before his body was found at their home outside of Blooming Prairie, police said

David Riess 2.jpegWhen Police found David Riess at his Blooming Prairie residence on March 23, he’d been shot multiple times, and dead at least two days
Lois Riess [left], and Pamela Hutchinson [right] 1.PNGLois Riess [left], allegedly, murdered lookalike Pamela Hutchinson [right], in Fort Meyers Beach, Fla on Monday

Cops discovered David’s bullet-riddled body after his worried business partners reported they hadn’t seen him in two weeks. Police tried to track down Riess with no luck.
After allegedly killing her husband, Riess forged her David’s signature to withdraw $11,000 from his bank account and headed to a casino in Iowa.
When cops tracked her down to the Diamond Jo Casino, she had already left. Reiss from Dodge County, MN woman remains on the run.

Lois Riess 1.jpgFugitive Lois Riess Prosecutors is facing second-degree murder, in MN. She is also  wanted in Florida for murder, grand theft auto, grand theft and criminal use of personal ID

After leaving Florida, cops believe she drove 1,300 miles along the gulf coast to Louisiana and remains in Corpus Christi, Texas. – Police found the white 2003 Cadillac Escalade she had been driving ditched at a park near Hutchinson’s apartment.
There’s a very real fear that Riess could kill again, in a desperate race to extend her run, possibly to Mexico.
“Riess’s mode of operation is to befriend women who resemble her and steal their identity,” Lee County Undersheriff Carmine Marceno said. “U.S. Marshals are actively involved in a national search for this dangerous fugitive. Riess is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached if located.”
Prosecutors in Minnesota plan to charge Riess with second-degree murder, and she is wanted in Florida for murder, grand theft auto, grand theft and criminal use of personal identification.
Riess is about 5-feet-5 inches tall, weighs 165 pounds and has brown eyes and light blond hair, authorities said.
Anyone with information on Riess is asked to contact the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Tip Line at: 1-(877)-966-6222.

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