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‘Don’t call police, we are not coming to save you’! Cop who spurned abused woman’s desperate emergency call gets slap on the wrist – Yana Savchuk was dead 40 minutes after officer Natalia Bashkatova told her ‘If he kills you, we’ll write a report about your corpse’

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36-year-old  Yana Savchuk was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend  minutes after Russian policewoman told her to stop calling for help, saying: ‘If he kills you, we’ll write a report about your corpse’
Hairdresser Yana Savchuk was savagely murdered by ex-lover Andrey Bochkov in 2016 in Oryol, Russia
The victim called police major Natalia Bashkatova for help 40 minutes earlier, but was told to stop calling, and police wouldn’t come to her aid
Bashkatova could have faced five years jail for leaving her in danger
Now she only faces a fine for the lesser charge of professional negligence
The abuser Andrey Bochkov was convicted of murder and jailed for 13 years for the beating death of Savchuk
Yana Savchuk 3Yana Savchuk was battered to death by her violent ex-lover in Oryol, Russia, in 2016

A female police officer will escape with a slap on the wrist for callously refusing to rescue a an abused woman victim 40 minutes before she was murdered in a horrifying case of battery.
Yana Savchuk was savagely beaten to death by her violent ex-lover who was jailed for 13 years for her murder in Oryol, Russia, about 18 months ago.
Police major Natalia Bashkatova, also in her 30s, was also expected to face up to five years jail for blandly ignoring the desperate appeals for rescue by the domestic abuse victim.
The 36-year-old Savchuk, was beaten to death after a policewoman told her: “Don’t call us again…we’ll only come back to register your corpse.”
Hairdresser Yana Savchuk was killed by her ex – boyfriend Andrey Bochkov just 40 minutes after she made the desperate plea for help.

Natalia Bashkatova 1Police major Natalia Bashkatova [left], the endangered woman to stop calling police because the would not come.

‘What do you mean you won’t come? What if something [bad] happens and I call you, you won’t come?’ the victim asked
In a deeply shocking reply, the policewoman – who arrived in a patrol car in response to  Savchuk’s emergency call, told her: ‘If he kills you, we will come and make a report about your corpse, don’t worry.’
A year and a half after the attack, Bashkatova has only been charged with the lesser offence of professional negligence that is unlikely to lead to a custodial sentence, prosecution sources said.
Instead, if convicted she was more likely to face a maximum fine of £1,400 or community work.
Savchuk’s phone recorded the conversation and also the horrific beating she received from 6ft 6in ex-convict Bochov, less than an hour later – Witnessed by ‘dozens’ of bystanders who were ‘too frightened’ to intervene.

Yana Savchuk 8Prosecutors said a desperate Savchuk [photo L-R], sensing she was to be attacked again, pleaded that her life was in danger and reached out police needed for rescue

Natalia Bashkatova’s commanders were reprimanded over Bashkatova’s neglect for the victim. The attack was witnessed by ‘dozens’ of bystanders who were ‘too frightened’ to intervene.
‘This woman called police for help. Officers arrived but did not take appropriate measures to stop the conflict, ignored the threats of the man – and left the scene,’ Investigative Committee federal police said.
Bochkov then ‘cruelly beat the woman and escaped’ and Savchuk ‘was taken to hospital with heavy injuries and died later’.

Andrey Bochkov [centre] 2 A friend of the victims’ said the couple were dating for about two years but described the 6ft 6in Bochkov [centre], as a ‘tyrant’ . This time around Savchuk’s phone recorded the conversation with police , as well as, the horrific beating she received from 6ft 6in ex-convict Bochov less than an hour later

Yana Savchuk 13.pngA friend of the victim named Valeria said the Yana Savchuk [photos], and her abuser were dating for about two years but described him as a ‘tyrant’.
Bochkov was often jealous and there were frequent scandals and quarrels between him and Savchuk. ‘He strangled her favourite cat that had lived with her for eight years,’ Valeria  said.

Bashkatova was suspended and later fired from the police. The incident came soon after she had won a prize as the best beat policewoman in Oryol.


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