White woman calls cops on black man inspecting his own house because she couldn’t believe he was doing anything but breaking into a home in Memphis, Tenn, on May 5
‘You don’t belong in my neighborhood’ – the complaining woman told Michael Hayes, a real estate investor  who was inspecting a house he had recently purchased, when a woman in the neighborhood called the police
Hayes, who is Black, recorded the exchange and uploaded it to YouTube video that shows an angry threatening him to leave , then getting into an exchange with officers when she was told he was lawfully on the property
Hayes, aid in a YouTube video that the woman thought he was trying to break into the house, disbelieving his explanation that he was the current owner of the home
Responding officers didn’t arrest Hayes because he had all the proper paperwork and documents, which only got the woman more riled up
The video has since gone viral with nearly two million views