‘Officer , I am always on your side. Now let me go’

‘I’ve always stood up for you guys’ said a tearful NM state lawmaker as  she tries to charm officers into letting her off a DWI by telling them she doesn’t believe police are racist
Anti-drink driving campaigner, New Mexico State Rep. Monica Youngblood was arrested for a DWI in Albuquerque at 1 am on Sunday
The 41-year-old GOP politician who is facing a tough re-election, was stopped at a DWI checkpoint where police said she had bloodshot eyes, smelled of alcohol and failed four sobriety tests
Police have released 40 minutes of bodycam footage showing Youngblood being questioned and handcuffed
Youngblood, who refused to take a breathlyzer test, told officer that she is a legislator who fights for police
Law and order Republican lawmaker Youngblood, said she had sponsored legislation to reinstate the death penalty for cop killers
Youngblood also supported a bill for harsher penalties for repeat drunk drivers
Monica Youngblood 13.pngNew Mexico State Rep. Monica Youngblood, was arrested 1 am Sunday morning after she was stopped by police at a DWI checkpoint in Albuquerque, then balking at taking a sobriety test

A tearful politiciantried to charm police into waiving her drunk driving offense by telling the arresting officer that she had always stood up for them when people claimed they were racist.
New Mexico state Rep. Monica Youngblood was arrested early Sunday morning after being stopped by police at a DWI checkpoint in Albuquerque.
Police said the 41-year-old had bloodshot eyes, smelled of alcohol and flunked four different field sobriety tests.
Youngblood, who refused to take a breathlyzer test at the scene, insisted that she hadn’t had a drink and was instead upset over a fight with her boyfriend.

Monica Youngblood 15.jpgYoungblood on the floor in the New Mexico leslature, has buil the reputaion of breing tough on crime and drunkenness

Nearly 40 minutes of police bodycam footage shows Youngblood being questioned by officers at the checkpoint and later when she was handcuffed and taken for processing. She tearfully begged the officers not to arrest her before repeatedly telling them that she’s a legislator who fights for police.
‘I literally fight for you guys… I fight for you guys every time I get the chance,’ Youngblood can be heard saying from the back of the squad car.
The officer responds: ‘That doesn’t make it okay for you to drink and drive.’
The Republican lawmaker also told the officer that she had sponsored legislation that would reinstate the death penalty for cop killers.
‘So many people tell me that you guys treat people of color like s**t, and I always stood up for you,’ Youngblood can be heard saying.

Monica Youngblood 16.jpg‘Officer I am stone-cold sober’: ‘Police said the Youngblood had bloodshot eyes, smelled of alcohol and that she failed to perform well on four different field sobriety tests including walking in a straight line