Couple who were killed by wife’s son in triple murder suicide had been married for just two weeks when they were shot dead as they had dinner with his ex and his teenage daughter
Sharmalee Pauling, 73, and her new husband Carl Deruyscher, 66, were killed on Sunday by her son 50-year-old divorced son Douglas Pauling, a city employee who was also living in his mother’s home
The couple had only been married for two weeks when Douglas shot them, as well as his ex-wife, Maggie Girard, who was the mother of his teenage daughter
Douglas attempted to kill his 14-year-old daughter too but she eluded him and fled, to call 911
He turned the gun on himself after he’d killed all three other adults at the home in Kansas City, Missouri
Maggie lived in the home which is owned by her ex mother-in-law 
Friends say Douglas had become a ‘hermit’ since their divorce and that he was not paying child support or helping to raise their daughter

Sharmalee Pauling, 73, and Carl Deruyscher, 66, were killed in their home on Sunday by the wife’s 50-year-old reclusive, divorced son. Douglas Pauling.
The couple were having dinner at home with Maggie Girard, Douglas’s ex-wife, and her teenage daughter when he opened fire suddenly after an argument.
Neighbors say that Douglas was freeloading, deadbeat father who had not been paying child support and had become reclusive since his divorce.
On Sunday, he grabbed a gun in the home and first shot his ex-wife before opening fire on his mother and her new husband.

Douglas Pauling [left], and ex-wife Maggie Girard 1.pngShooter Douglas Pauling [left], first shot his ex-wife Maggie Girard [right], then his mother, then his stepfather and then turned the gun on himself. His attempt to murder his teen daughter at the same time failed as she fled  the home

He then chased his daughter into a guest bedroom of the home but she was able to escape and call police.
By the time they arrived, Douglas had shot his stepfather and himself.
Police are yet to offer a firm motive for the killings and it is not known how long ago Maggie and Douglas split up. Despite the fact that they were not together, Sharmalee had maintained a good relationship with her son’s ex-wife. Maggie attended her recent wedding on May 26.
On a website dedicated to the nuptials, she wrote: ‘Congratulations to the two most wonderful people ever, what a beautiful wedding, you two deserve the best! Love you both!’
It was each of the pair’s second marriage. They both lost their first partners several years ago.
In his own post on their wedding day, Deruyscher’s son Chris celebrated by writing: ‘Today is a day of celebration. Celebration of two people who have both lost spouses in this life, but who have been brought together to start something new.

Maggie Girard and her 14-year-old daughter.pngThe 14-year-old daughter shared by Maggie Girard’s and Douglas Pauling was also in the house at the time. She escaped as her father opened fire and fled as he chased after her.

‘When Dad finally admitted he was dating again, it did not surprise me, but that he had found someone who had also lost their significant other kind of did. Something about this brought me great peace to know that he was with somebody who understood that you never truly get over the loss of someone like that,’ he wrote.
He described his new stepmother as a ‘wonderful’ person, saying: ‘Mother to her family and ours, and partner to my Dad. I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome her to our family.’
Douglas  worked for the city in the procurement services division.  Maggie worked for Norwex, a home cleaning goods company.  But while on social media, Maggie and her daughter socialized with the Pauling family, there is no trace of Douglas in any of their outings.
Neighbors say that things went awry on Sunday, while the family was having dinner when an argument boiled over.

Carl Deruyscher and Sharmalee Pauling home in Parkville Missouri.pngThe murders happened at the family home [photo], in Parkville, Missouri on Sunday. Both Sharmalee and her former daughter-in-law Maggie’s names are registered to it and Maggie had lived in it for four years 

Korena Leach spoke to his 14-year-old daughter after she escaped the house. She recalled what the girl told her to Fox 4 KC.
‘Her father was pacing back and forth in the house and that he had grabbed a gun.
‘One person was shot point blank, the other was shot coming out of the door.
‘She had gone into the guest bedroom to try to get away, he came after her with a gun. She was able to get away from him,’ she said.
Other neighbors said Douglas, who worked in procurement services for the city, was not helping her financially.
‘I don’t know if he had mental issues or depressed or if maybe Maggie was hitting him up with child support because just talking to Maggie, he wasn’t helping out that much,’ Terrie Higgins said.
Another said Doug became a ‘hermit’ after his divorce.

Carl Deruyscher and Sharmalee Pauling 2.pngSharmalee a widow, and Carl had been together for less than four years , since his first wife died.The pair’s children were happy that they had found each other to live out their final years.

Friends are now  are asking for donations on a GoFundMe, raising money to pay for her daughter, to receive counseling, for what she saw
On Sunday, after fleeing the house as her father opened fire, the teen called police and begged for help. – Disorientated and terrified, she told them that she did not know where she was but that her father had shot her mother and grandmother nearby.
‘[S]he’s not giving us an address but her father had a gun and he shot, I believe, the grandmother and shot at her,’ the dispatcher said who took her call said in a recording of it.
‘She was not giving us an address. We’re trying to get her back on the line.’
She also said that he tried to shoot her but that she was able to get away.  Police eventually found her nearby. She is now in protective custody.
Neighbors said Pauling went after Maggie first, shooting her and then shooting his mother.
When his daughter fled, Douglas reportedly went after her too then retreated to the house when he could not find her. He then shot Deruyscher before finally turning the gun on himself, sources said.