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Convicted porch raider begs for forgiveness, says she’s a ‘Suburban mom’ who ‘had it all’ and was ‘bored’ when she robbed 28 homes- Melissa Bergman failed to mention her past history of theft and fraud

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Melissa Bergman, stole packages from the stoops of 28 houses in her Ohio Neighborhood over the course of two days last July with her children in the car
The ‘Suburban mom’ from Mason, Ohio, who ‘had it all’ told investigators she  was ‘bored’ when she robbed 28 homes last year July
Bergman, 30, begged for leniency, but failed to mention her priors including how she had sex man while married, just so she could steal his credit card
She had pled not guilty by reason of insanity but was charged and sentenced to 30 days in prison 
Bergman in a TV interview claimed that she stole out of boredom and still has no idea what she was thinking
In 2010 she was sentenced to three years in prison for larceny after stealing from a store and then spraying Mace at workers who tried to apprehend her 
She was arrested in November too after bedding a man and then stealing his credit card while he slept to shop at Walmart and book a vacation 
The mother-of-two is currently estranged from her husband Stanley 
Melissa Bergman in Nov 2017 mugshot [left] and her June 2010 mugshot  [right].JPGMelissa Bergman in Nov 2017 mugshot [left] and her June 2010 mugshot [right]

An Ohio woman is claiming that boredom and a lapse in judgment drove her to steal 28 packages from neighbors’ homes in a bizarre two-day crime spree.
Melissa Bergman, 30, drove around the town of Mason with her two young children in the car, and strolled right up to the targeted homes last July.
She was eventually caught when an officer recognized her car and pulled her over in a traffic stop, at which point she confessed to the crime states an incident report.
The mother-of-two entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity during her trial, but was still found guilty on 12 counts of theft last month, landing her in prison for 30 days and on probation for the next three years.

Melissa Bergman 1.JPGConvicted porch raider Melissa Bergman [photo], said that ‘she had it all’ when her boredom drove her to start committing felonies around her town 

In the wake of her conviction, Bergman said that she had it all when she committed these felonies, and in an interview with NBC 5 noted: ‘I’m looking back, and I’m like, “What was I thinking?” At this time, my head wasn’t in the right place. I wasn’t thinking, and I made the wrong decision.Bergman also made sure to point out that she lives in a $475,000 house, a claim that is no longer entirely accurate as she and her husband separated after she was arrested in November for sleeping with another man and stealing his credit card information.
The two also purchased the house for $450,000 last year per property records.
Bergman has also been convicted of grand larceny in the past, is due in court for at least one more case in a neighboring county and has been arrested across three states in the past decade under four different surnames for shoplifting, larceny and theft.

Melissa Bergman with estranged husband Stan and their daughter Bergman seen [photo], with estranged husband Stanley and their daughter, was rumbled in her neighborhood of Mason, Ohio stole packages from the stoops of 12 houses, snagging 28 packages over the course of two days last July with her children in the car
Melissa Bergman caught in the act 4Lady you are a thief: Cameras catch Bergman in the act last July, during her two-day crime spree which has landed her in prison for 30 days
That is when she went to a bar, took a man home after 30 minutes and, according to records filed in her criminal case, said: ‘I want to f***.’

The pair then had sexual intercourse, and while the man slept Bergman took his credit card and spent $300 at a Walmart at 3am while also booking a family vacation that cost approximately $2600 per court records.
Bergman then returned to the credit cards to the man’s wallet while he was alseep.
She was arrested a few days later, but in the interim got to enjoy some family time, posting: ‘How was everyone’s Halloween? What did you do? what did everyone dress up as? My 2 kids were horses and I was their rider!!!! SO much fun!!!’
Bergman was charged with identity fraud, theft and misuse of a credit card in that case.

Melissa Bergman 5
New digs: Melissa Bergman in a recent photo posing what appears to be a studio apt

A judge ruled that she could complete the Warren County Veterans Intervention Program instead of going to prison, with Bergman having been a member of the armed forces.
That deal can be revoked however at any time should Bergman violate probation.
In 2010 Bergman was sentenced to three years in prison for larceny after stealing from a store and then spraying Mace at workers who tried to apprehend her



‘To everyone in mason, and all those affected. I am terribly sorry for my misconduct and the theft of packages that happened in July of last year. Though, I was not on drugs, I was admitted the the psych ward before the stealing began for trying to commit suicide. I given multiple medications but in no way am I saying this is the cause to why I did what I did.To be honest, I dont know why I did this terrible thing. I wasn’t needing the items or needing money. I feel and felt terrible afterwards and seeing the post a month after the incident, with my photo and what I did, made me feel like the worst person in the world and again I wanted out of this life. I not only made you all scared, but I lost your trust. I hurt your families and those are things I can never make better. I was incredibly hurt by what I did and wanted to go to each person individually to apologize. But I was told that I could not. I hope one day I can be forgiven for my past mistakes and completely understand the hatred and hurt in everyone’s heart. I was selfish and only cared about myself. Over this past year I have changed to be a better person all around. I am extremely sorry for all the hurt, anger, and fear I have caused in everyone. If anyone wants me to apologize in person I would be more than happy to do so. I am not a terrible person, though I did do a terrible thing, something I wish every day I could go back and make that decision not to do it… I am so so so sorry everyone.

Melissa Bergman

Melissa Bergman's home.JPGBergman and her husband lived in this Ohio home said to be worth $475,000 before their estrangement

Melissa claims to have served in Afghanistan. It has been confirmed that she was at Fort Bragg for a number of years. During her time there she was arrested on at least seven different occasions, and even spent time in prison after a 2010 arrest in Virginia.
She went by Melissa Abeyta at that time, and was stopped by store workers when she tried to leave with a bag of stolen goods from the Short Pump Town Center in Henrico.
Bergman managed to make it outside the store, and when the loss prevention officer caught up with her she sprayed Mace in their face per court records.
She eventually agreed to enter a guilty plea to grand larceny which vacated the unlawful release of gas change and got her three years in prison.
She was released after just two days.
Bergman was also arrested in North Carolina just before that when she was allegedly caught stealing at a JC Penney, but was never convicted of a crime.
In total, Bergman was arrested at lest five times in North Carolina under three different surnames.

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