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Jealous wife jailed for 13 months in Zimbabwe for casting a sex spell on her husband to stop him romping with his other wife in polygamous home

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Memory Shiri was convicted in a Harare court after admitting she cast a spell on her husband’s penis 
Godwishes Magarira, 40, in Zimbabwe had taken Memory, his second wife, to court accusing her of casting a spell on him to stop him having sex with the other wife, Esther 
He claimed he had been unable to fulfill his conjugal duties with Easther since Memory joined their polygamous household
The allegedly admitted to her deeds when he confronted her, and attempted to UNDO her spell
The jealous wife jailed for 13 months, but suspended provided she performs 455 hours of community service
Memory Shiri 1.jpg
Memory Shiri was convicted of casting a spell on her husband’s penis in a polygamous home

A woman in a polygamous marriage has been convicted of bewitching her husband so he can’t have sex with his other wife.
Godwishes Magarira told a court in Zimbabwe court Memory Shiri cast a spell on his penis after she became his second wife. 40-year-old Magarira said he could not get an erection when he was with first wife, Easther Chagonda.
Conversely, he always able to fulfill his conjugal duties when he was with Shiri, he told the court.

Godwishes Magarira's village 1.jpg
The village where Godwishes Magarira lives with his two wives

polygamist Magarira who lives with his two wives in the village of Makanda, 140 miles south of capital Harare. confronted his new paramour, seeking to find out Shiri why he was a flop in bed with Easther, and she told him: “I bewitched you,” Godwishes testified.
Shiri then separated a nappy pin tied to a needle and said she had sorted out the problem, the court in Gutu heard.
Godwishes said a medical report proved he had sexual problems and asked magistrate Victor Mohamadi to punish Shiri.
He jailed her for 13 months, but suspended the sentence provided she does 455 hours of community service.
Witchcraft is widely frowned upon in Zimbabwe and the use of magic to cause someone harm is outlawed.
An estimated 10 per cent of Zimbabwean women are in polygamous marriages.

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