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Volunteer track coach , 41, is arrested after she was caught having sex with one of her student athletes, 17, by his father – Coach Erica Oxford has admitted to the relationship

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Volunteer high school track coach in Missouri is arrested after she was caught having sex with one of her student athletes, by his father
Ericka Beverly Oxford, 41, had sex on multiple occasions with a 17-year-old student she helped coach at Fort Zumwalt East High School 
She worked on the  school’s track team from April through August, two to three times a week
After sneaking out of practice, the pair were caught having intercourse in the boy’s home by his father, in May 2018
Oxford admitted to having a sexual relationship with the teenager 
Charged Thursday with felony sexual contact with a student, bail was set at $20,000 with instructions that she should not contact the student

Ericka Beverly Oxford 1.pngA 41-year-old Missouri woman has been charged with felony sexual contact after she was caught having sex with a 17-year-old student athlete she helped coach.
The volunteer track coach has been arrested for having sex with a teenage student athlete on her team after the boy’s dad two walked in on the pair being intimate.

Ericka Beverly Oxford, [photo, right] was charged Thursday with felony sexual contact with a student for the accused sexual relationship.
Oxford worked with the Fort Zumwalt East High School’s boys track team two to three times a week from April through August, according to court documents.
The two would meet up for sex, at times the student sneaking out of his house to visit Oxford’s home, the teen said to St. Peters police.
However their relationship was outed in May 2018 when the student left track practice with Oxford and they went to his home, where his father caught them having intercourse.

Her bail has been set at $20,000 with the condition that she not contact the victim or his family.
Fort Zumwalt East High’s principal sent a letter to parents to announce that the relationship did not take place on school grounds.
‘St. Peters police assure me that none of the alleged contact occurred at school,’ the letter said.
‘The accused passed a thorough background check used for volunteers and was registered with the Missouri State High School Activities Association,’ it added.


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