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Sad ending! Missing Iowa student, Mollie Tibbetts, is found dead five weeks after she vanished while out jogging

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Missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts is found dead was found on Tuesday five weeks after she went missing
The 20-year-old’s body was reported missing July 19 when she didn’t show up for work at a nearby day-care center
It remains unclear how she died or who is responsible for her death – Police will not release any details until 4pm local time on Tuesday
Mollie was staying alone at her boyfriend’s home at the time  she vanished from Brooklyn, Iowa, on July 18 after going for an evening jog 
Her disappearance sparked a massive five-week-long hunt with 2300 tips, drawing in hundreds of volunteers and caught the attention of Vice President Mike Pence 
The reward for information about her disappearance reached $400,000 – the reward money will now be channeled towards catching her killer
Both her father and mother, Laura Calderwood, suggested that Mollie had been abducted, likely by someone she knew, and pleaded publicly for her safe return
The night she vanished, Tibbetts had been dogsitting at her boyfriend’s home alone while he and his brother were out of town
No one has been arrested in connection with her disappearance. Investigators questioned a pig farmer named Wayne Cheney and searched his property.
They also looked at Tibbetts’ Snapchat and FitBit data as part of the investigation

The 20-year-old’s remains were found on Tuesday. The 20-year-old was last seen July 18, jogging near her home in the central Iowa town of Brooklyn. . She was reported missing by her family the next day, after she didn’t show up for work at a day camp for children.
It remains unclear where she was found or how she died.
Police are not releasing any information until 4pm local time but people working for Crime Stoppers to help find her say her family has been informed.
No one has been arrested in connection with her disappearance and several police agencies have been working for weeks to try to uncover leads.
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The student was staying alone overnight in her boyfriend’s home the night she went missing and was last seen going for a jog in the neighborhood at around 8pm but what happened afterwards has remained a complete mystery for weeks.
Her boyfriend opened a Snapchat photograph from her at 10pm which appeared to suggest that she was indoors but it is not known what time Mollie sent it.
Last week, the FBI said they believed she had been abducted by someone she knew.
They warned that the person was ‘hiding in plain sight’ and had even attended vigils held in her honor but no arrests were made.
A $400,000 fund for her safe return was established but it did not produce any leads either.

Now, it will be dedicated to finding the person responsible for her death.
Greg Willey of Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa said her family and investigators would dedicate their resources to catching her killer ‘once they catch their breath.’
The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation were reticent to share details of the discovery on Tuesday.
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Last week, the student’s heartbroken family and boyfriend had a private meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and an award fund for information about the case reached hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No one was arrested in connection with her disappearance and the only person who has come under visible scrutiny is pig farmer Wayne Cheney.
Cheney was questioned several times and had his property searched after police found a red t-shirt that was similar to one owned by the student near his property.
However it was never established if the t-shirt did in fact belong to Mollie and the property was more than 100 miles from where she vanished.
The search for Tibbetts zeroed in on five areas including a truck stop and car wash, in the rural Iowa town where she vanished from a month ago. Other locations that have come under close scrutiny include farmland near Big Bear creek, areas around her boyfriend jack Dalton’s home and a some more sparsely populated farmland outside of the town of Brooklyn – It remains unknown where her body was found on Tuesday.

Rob Tibbetts and his daughter MollieTibbetts 1.pngMollie’s father Rob Tibbetts, [left], flew in from California immediately his daughter went missing to help with the search

Rob Tibbetts went back to California, where he lives, last week for what he called a much needed ‘break’ from the investigation

He said he had been urged by authorities to do so and that it was a ‘half way’ point in the investigation.
Rob was not in the state when his daughter disappeared.
Her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, was away for work when she disappeared as was his older brother Blake.

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