Comedian Jeff Leach said on the podcast Legion of Skanks that Asia Argento sent him a video of herself topless knowing he had a girlfriend 
Leach, 34, then said the actress ‘flipped out’ when he got angry with her, and said she sent nude photos and videos to all her friends
Leach questioned her being the public face of the #MeToo movement in light of her own predilections – ‘I’m not saying she hasn’t been assaulted or hurt by bad people but maybe [Asia and Rose McGowan] are not the best f***ing spokespeople for it’
At the time, Leach was beginning the process of treating a sex addiction that he confessed had led him to sleep with over 300 women by the age of 27

A British comedian who had a friendship with Asia Argento claims that the actress sent him at least one unsolicited topless video.
Jeff Leach was appearing on the Legion of Skanks podcast when he shared this story during a discussion about the arrest of Harvey Weinstein just days prior on charges of rape and assault.
‘That girl sent me pictures of her t*****s on Snapchat when I was with my girlfriend,’ said Leach back in June.
‘She knew I was with my girlfriend and we were friends and she sends me this video with her t*** out, like: “Hey Jeff.” And I just replied: “You can’t send me that s***.’
Leach said Argento was aware that he had a girlfriend at the time, while the actress was recently divorced from the father of her son, Michele Civetta.
He also said she ‘flipped out’ when he chided her for sending the video, at a time when he had been trying to gain control over a sex addiction he once told the BBC led him to sleep with over 300 women by the age of 27.