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Brother of dead tech company CEO arrested for arson – Keith Caneiro was shot, his wife Jennifer found dead, along with their two young children in huge blaze that gutted their New Jersey mansion Tuesday

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‘AS Officials confirm the deaths of 4 people at a NJ arson fire – cops find husband outside the house with gunshot wound, while wife and two children are found slain inside the house fire’

Tech company CEO Keith Caneiro, his wife Jennifer, their son and daughter were found dead, after huge blaze at $1.5million New Jersey mansion as police reveal the husband was found shot outside the house
Keith Caneiro, 50, and his wife Jennifer, 45, were found dead with their children
Authorities reveal Keith Caneiro’s gunshot wound was not self-inflicted
Prosecutors said Jennifer and her kids’ bodies were found slain and  ‘severely burned’ inside the burning house
Caneiro’s brother’s house caught on fire seven hours beforehand, 10 miles away in Ocean Township
Wednesday morning, Keith’s brother and business partner Paul J. Caneiro was arrested and charged in connection to an earlier fire at his own home hours earlier also on Tuesday.
Keith Caneiro was CEO of Square One while his brother Paul is vice president
The brothers were also partners in at least two other businesses   
 Keith Caneiro and Jennifer Caneiro's home.pngThe home owner’s body was found in front of the burning home [photo], with a gunshot wound. Jennifer body along with the couple’s children were found inside the home ‘severely burned’. Police sources say Keith’s gunshot was not self inflicted

Adding to the mystery surrounding the mansion blaze is the fact that Caneiro’s brother’s home caught on fire just hours beforehand.
A blaze was reported at the home of Keith’s brother and business partner, Paul Caneiro and his wife Susan Caneiro, around 5am on Tuesday morning. Paul’s home is located in Ocean Township, just about 10 miles away from Colts Neck.
A neighbor said they saw Paul and Susan at their home shortly after the fire broke out.
They said Paul ‘appeared to be upset and left a short time after’.
‘He said it must have been a gas leak, he had tears in his eyes. Susan was devastated,’ the neighbor said.
‘He said, “I’m in complete shock, I can’t believe this is happening to me. They were here until about noon.’

County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said there was not threat to the public.

The fire broke out around 12:45 p.m. at the sprawling 15-year-old home on 9 acres on Willow Brook Road, in Colts Neck, New Jersey.

The was no visible damage at the front of the home, but the flames damaged the back of the residence as well as the attic.

Investigators said gas cans were found at the back of the Ocean Township home. They would not confirm if the two fires were linked.
‘That remains to be seen but that is an angle we continue to pursue,’ said Gramiccioni.
Caneiro and Paul were partners in Square One. Caneiro was listed as the founder, CEO, and chief technology officer of the technology consulting firm in Asbury Park.

Paul Caneiro's home 1.pngPaul Caneiro house in Ocean Township was the scene of a house fire on Tuesday morning. It was not clear if it was related to the fire in Colts Neck. Paul’s home is  just about 10 miles away. The fire was reported at Paul Caneiro’s house at 5.30am, seven hours before the house fire at Keith’s home

The brothers were also partners in a pest control company they operated from the same office.
Businessman Keith Caneiro, appeared to have his hand in lots of ventures. The computer company he founded, Square One, shares space in Asbury Park with two other companies he founded – EcoStar Pest Management, a pest control company; and Jay-Martin Consulting, a technology company derived from the brothers’ middle names.
He also was an active, licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty in Shrewsbury, according to his web page.


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