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Video proves Bitcoin trader, ‘strangled his girlfriend to death’ in the Philippines – Troy Woody Jr, then stuffed Tomi Masters’ body in cardboard box, loaded it into a cab and ‘dumped her in a river’, with the help of his pal

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Video exposes California Bitcoin trader, who murdered and disposed of his girlfriend, with the help of a mutual friend, in Philippines
Troy Woody Jr, 21, ‘strangled 23-year-old Tomi Michelle Masters to death’ in  Mandaluyong City, near Manila Christmas week
Woody Jr, 21, loaded the body hidden in a box into a cab with the help of his business partner, Mir Islam, 22, before ‘dumping her in a river’
The couple had been living together with Mir Islam in Manila, Philippines, but Masters allegedly had become tired of ‘the scene’ and wanted to return home to Indiana
Woody and Islam allegedly suffocated Masters then wrapped her naked body in duct taped her in a garbage bag, before stuffing it into a brown cardboard box
Video shows Woody and Islam loading a brown box allegedly containing Masters’ remains into the back of a taxi
They’re later seen manhandling the box, which they hurled into the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines, on December 23 at 2.40am
Masters’ body was found in the river after the cab driver called authorities and reported the pair’s suspicious behavior
Police in Manila said both men are blaming each other for killing Masters, however both admit to dumping the body

Masters’ father, Shawn Masters, said that he will bring his daughter’s body back to Indiana where they will arrange her funeral.
Islam has a long criminal history of swatting, which is the false reporting of a serious incident such as a bomb threat, murder, or hostage situation, to bring a large number of emergency responders to a designated area, according to KrebsonSecurity.
He was sentenced in 2016 to one year in jail for reporting phony bomb threats and fake hostage situations at the homes of celebrities and public officials, as well as stalking people online and posting their personal data on the Internet.
Islam filed a handwritten lawsuit from jail earlier in 2018 that named Woody, referring to him as ‘TJ,’ and accused him of ‘typosquatting,’ which is a form of cybersquatting where a person will hijack a brand by capitalizing on common typos made by internet users to obtain URLs that are similar to URLs owned by others.

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