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Insurance money grab fails after cheating US soldier and her military boyfriend ‘meticulously plotted and killed her Army sergeant husband via Snapchat – believing their messages to be temporary’

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‘Death plotters tripped by messaging app’
Cheating US soldier Kemia Hassel, and her military boyfriend ‘meticulously plotted to kill her Army sergeant husband via Snapchat – believing the messages to be temporary’
Army Specialist Kemia, 22, and Jeremy Cuellar, 24, Wednesday pled not guilty to killing US Army Sergeant Tyrone Hassel on Dec 31, 2018
23-year-old Tyrone US Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III was ambushed outside his family’s home in Michigan and felled in a flurry of gunfire
He suffered multiple wounds including a shot to the head
Cops in St Joseph, MI., say Kemia confessed to being unhappy in her one year marriage and plotting to kill her husband so she could cash in on his life insurance with Cuellar
Kemia and Cuellar allegedly corresponded for months plotting the attack on Snapchat while they were stationed in South Korea

A woman and her boyfriend who were stationed with the US Army in South Korea conspired to kill her husband via Snapchat messages, in a life-insurance murder plot, police say.

Two US soldiers Kemia Hassel, 22, and Jeremy Cuellar, 24, on Wednesday pled not guilty in the December 31 murder of US Army Sergeant Tyrone Hassel III,
The 23-year-old was ambushed outside his family’s home in St Joseph, Michigan, suffering multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, an autopsy revealed.
The cheating wife, her husband and her lover all were soldiers based in Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Attorneys for alleged trigger man and co-defendant Jeremy Cuellar [photo] say it will be ‘hard’ to link their client to the murder, because nobody saw him at the scene

In sworn testimony, Township Police Officer Mike Lanier alleges that Kemia told police in a signed statement that she spent months meticulously planning her husband’s assassination, because he was becoming a burden on her romantic fling with Cuellar.

22-yearold Kemia Nekenah Martin wed Tyrone Hassel III in May 2017. The couple shared a one-year-old son together. However Kemia was unhappy in her marriage one year in, but didn’t want to divorce Tyrone as she’d no longer be an eligible beneficiary to his life insurance policy, shed confessed to police.
Instead the pair of lovers plotted to solve their problem in a permanent manner.
Corresponding with Cuellar via Snapchat, while they were both deployed in South Korea, the pair allegedly discussed ways in which to remove Tyrone from the picture forever.

Police say that Kemia [seen with her husband Tyrone], admitted she was unhappy in her marriage, but didn’t want to divorce him as she’d no longer be a beneficiary of his life insurance policy

Sgt. Tyrone Hassel, who was an active duty military member, was shot multiple times around 11:10 pm on New Year’s Eve outside 2086 Colfax Avenue in St Joseph Township.
His father, Tyrone Hassel Jr, said his son was leaving a family party and on his way to take his wife a plate of food when he was gunned down.
‘He came back out the house and somebody shot him,’ His father, Hassel Jr told WWMT at the time. ‘I don’t know if somebody followed him.’

Responding officers found Sgt Hassel ‘gravely injured’ with multiple gunshot wounds. He was rushed to Spectrum Lakeland Hospital where he was pronounced dead a shortly afterwards.
After Wednesday’s hearing, Hassel Jr said it was it was incredibly overwhelming to hear details of the murder plot that allegedly led to the death of his son.
‘It’s hard to take it in without crying,’ he said.

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