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‘I still love her’ Jayme Closs’ ‘kidnapper’ says they spent the three months he held her captive cooking together and playing board games – Wishes he could talk to her in jailhouse interview

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Man claiming to be alleged kidnapper Jake Patterson, 21, called a Minnesota paper on Friday 
She had written to him in jail and asked that he phone her to talk about teen kidnap victim, Jayme Closs
The man described the three months period where he held the schoolgirl in captivity, while professing that he still ‘loves’ her
Closs, 13, was kidnapped from her Wisconsin home in Oct 2018
Her parents were shot dead and for three months, she remained missing
She escaped from Patterson’s home in Jan 2019 and flagged down a dog walker
Patterson is yet to enter a plea on murder and kidnapping charges

A man claiming to be Patterson then spoke with her briefly and said he ‘of course’ regretted snatching Jayme but that he ‘loved’ her and wanted to speak to her. He has not yet entered a plea.
‘Parts of me like really know I shouldn’t be talking to you but I didn’t want to cause any more trouble.
‘I love her,’ he said.
He went on to say that in the three months he kept Jayme in his home, they were ‘just like watching TV, playing board games and talking about stuff. ‘We cooked a lot, like everything we made was home made.’ Jayme is recovering with family.
‘She has not been seen publicly since she escaped from his home and flagged down a dog walker to help her.

Patterson was taken into custody and soon afterwards made a confession to police.
Jayme told police how she awoke to the sound of her dog barking when Patterson burst into her family home in October.
She woke her parents and her father ‘went to the door to see what was going on.’
Patterson claimed that he yelled at James Closs to get on the ground but that he ‘kept shining a flashlight and looking outside.’
The gunman then approached the front steps, opened the glass storm door and began pounding on the wooden door.
As James Closs peered through the decorative glass window, he asked to see Patterson’s badge – assuming that he was law enforcement.
In that moment, Patterson said, he raised his shotgun, pointed it at James Closs’ head and pulled the trigger.
He tried to shoulder open the door behind which James Closs had collapsed but when he couldn’t he lowered his shotgun and blasted the doorknob.
Once in, he stepped over James Closs’ lifeless body and headed to the closed door directly in front of him. He quickly scanned other rooms checking for anybody else.

Former teen Kidnap victim Jayme Closs [right], lost both parents during the abduction. She is now living with her aunt Jennifer Smith

When he found nobody else inside the house, he returned to the closed door where Denise and Jayme were hiding, kicking and shoving the door 10 to 15 times before it burst open.
In a terrifying scene he tore the shower curtain down, taking the rod with it and found Denise ‘with her arms wrapped around Jayme in a bear hug.’
Patterson told Denise to place black duct tape over her daughter’s mouth but when she ‘struggled to do that’ he put down his shotgun, took back the tape and wrapped it around Jayme’s mouth and head.
He made the teen stand up while he ‘took and placed [tape] around her wrists, with her palms together to restrain her hands and arms.’
Patterson then taped her ankles, removed her from the tub and, as she stood beside him, he took aim at her mother’s head and pulled the trigger.
As he dragged Jayme away he told officers he nearly slipped on the blood that had pooled on the floor.

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