WARNING: Graphic images
A decorated police captain killed himself by firing a gun at his head during an argument with his ex-girlfriend in Medellin, Colombia
14-year-law enforcement veteran Edilberto Ortíz Correa shot himself during an argument with his ex-girlfriend on Monday afternoon
Police captain Ortíz Correa, 32, who headed a Special Security Task Force unit in Medellin, Colombia, visited the woman’s job in Medellin on Monday afternoon 
The former couple were involved in a heated argument before Ortíz Correa pulled drew his service weapon and pulled the trigger but the gun didn’t go off 
Ortíz Correa then shot himself the second time he pulled the trigger, was rushed to a nearby hospital and declared dead Tuesday at 2:30am 
Colombian officials are still investigating the captain’s motive and have not released the name of his girlfriend
A highly decorated police captain shot himself in the head during a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend.
Surveillance video footage shows Edilberto Ortíz Correa, 32, grabbing his former partner’s hand during a verbal exchange at shop where the woman works in Medellin, Colombia.
Various people could be seen walking by the counter at the store that specializes in selling law enforcement gear on Monday afternoon.
Ortíz Correa, who was dressed in his service uniform, then removed his weapon from the holster and pointed it at his head.

For some reason the gun didn’t go off the first time he pulled the trigger in front of the shocked woman, whose name has not been identified by Colombian news outlets.
But the second time Ortíz Correa pulls the trigger he immediately crashes back against the gate of a nearby kiosk.
Sunned, the woman called for first responders who transported the captain to hospital.
Ortíz Correa was the commander of a Special Security Task Force unit.

The 14-year law enforcement veteran was taken to Soma Clinic, which is located just two blocks away from where the incident took place.
According to Colombian news outlet Diario del Cauca, doctors registered him at 5.20pm. He was placed in the Intensive Care Unit and was declared dead at 2.30am Tuesday.
Diario del Cauca reported that the former couple were scheduled go on a overseas trip.
Investigators are still trying to determine what drove Ortíz Correa to kill himself.