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Body found at Staten Island storage unit is believed to be missing mother-of-three teacher who disappeared 48 hours after she told her estranged husband who had ‘stalked and harassed her’ that she wanted a divorce

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Human remains in a Staten Island storage unit is believed to be a local woman visiting her estranged husband while embroiled in a custody battle
The body found at a Staten Island storage facility early Thursday morning likely to be the 37-year-old missing mother-of-three who disappeared on March 30 – police
The “badly burnt” corpse was also inside a black plastic bag in a storage unit
Authorities reportedly suspect that the deceased is Jeanine Cammarata, last seen two days after she told her estranged husband who had ‘stalked and harassed her’ that she wanted a divorce
Jeanine who was in the middle of a custody battle for her three kids and missed a court hearing on Monday – She was reported missing on Tuesday after she failed to show up for her job as an elementary school teacher 
Her husband, Michael Cammarata, 42, was taken into police custody Tuesday after he allegedly admitted to assaulting her, ‘after they had sex’, on the night she went missing
The couple’s children lived with their dad, Jeanine was last seen late Saturday when she dropped her boyfriend at his home, and drove off to visit Michael and their children
She served Michael with divorce papers last Thursday, her attorney revealed  
  A body suspected to be that of missing teacher Jeanine Cammarata, [left], was found at a Staten Island storage facility early Thursday morning. Her attorney said the mother-of three vanished last week less than 48 hours after serving him divorce papers on her estranged husband Michael Cammarata [right]

A body believed to be that of a missing New York City public school teacher and mother-of-three has been found at a Staten Island storage facility.
The corpse was “badly burnt,” according to law enforcement sources. The body, uncovered early Thursday at Extra Space Storage on Arden Avenue in Arden Heights, was also inside a black plastic bag.
Jeanine Cammarata, 37, disappeared on Saturday night, less than 48 hours after she told her estranged husband, Michael Cammarata, that she wanted a divorce.

She was last seen at about 9pm when she dropped her boyfriend off at his house and said she was going to visit Michael, 42, and their three children, who live with him.
Postal worker Michael was taken into police custody on Tuesday after he allegedly admitted to assaulting his wife after they had sex on the night she went missing.
Investigators are said to have obtained surveillance footage which allegedly shows Michael carrying a large bag out of his apartment in the Rockaways shortly after Jeanine left on Saturday night.

Soon after he was seen arriving at a storage facility in Staten Island, where police recovered a body early Thursday.
The body has not yet been confirmed to be the missing woman.

NYPD recover the body suspected to be the missing teacher on Thursday morning at a Staten Island, public storage facility
Michael Cammrata, [right], admitted after his arrest on Tuesday, that he assaulted his estranged wife Jeanine [left] on the day she disappeared, last weekend. The couple is seen here [photo], with two of their three children

Gansberg, the missing woman’s divorce attorney said Wednesday that he was not optimistic. ‘I’ve been doing this for over 35 years, nothing would surprise me,’ the attorney told WABC.
‘This does not sound like it’s going to end well.’
Those who know Jeanine say she was terrified of her husband. They say she described his behavior toward her as abusive.
Jeanine Cammarata’s friends on Wednesday painted a chilling picture of her life: her marriage, rife with physical abuse, was disintegrating over allegations of infidelity and she feared for her life during her marriage to Michael Cammarata.
Jeanine told her current boyfriend on Saturday night that she was going over to see her husband and their children, but never made it home, cops said.
Her landlord, Jose Perez, claimed that Jeanine was ‘concerned about her safety’ because Michael would harass her and follow her in his car.
‘She even escalated it because she was concerned about her safety.
‘And I mentioned it to her, I said to her: “You better get this thing straightened out, because you don’t want any problems”,’ Perez told WABC.
‘She always texted me where she’s at or if something’s happening to her. But she has not.’
Perez said he last saw Jeanine two weeks ago, and that she was determined to win custody of her children.
‘He wasn’t giving her her kids, she wasn’t able to see her kids,’ the landlord said.
‘That’s when she said okay, I had enough. I’m gonna go get a lawyer, I’m gonna get divorced, and I’m gonna get custody of my kids. And now she’s gone.’

Jeanine’s boyfriend and a co-worker at Dollar Tree, Elizabeth Torres, were questioned by police on Tuesday evening.
‘She let me know Friday she was going to pick up her children Saturday,’ Torres told ABC13.
‘And that’s the last anybody actually saw her,’ Jeanine’s best friend Jessica Pobega added.
Pobega said she received strange and mysterious text messages from Jeanine on the day she disappeared.
When Pobega told Jeanine she was going to call the police out of concern, the mother allegedly replied: ‘I don’t want that. I have the kids…I apologize. I have to do this for the children.’
Pobega appeared to be suspicious that it was actually Jeanine who sent her the messages because she never ended up seeing her children over the weekend.
‘I don’t know who that was and what they were covering for,’ she said, adding: ‘She’s my oldest friend. My mother is distraught. Something happened. Something bad happened. And I don’t know what it is and I really hope I’m wrong.’

Ross added that Jeanine not appearing for her jobs is very irregular and worrisome.

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