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Arizona woman, daughter ‘killed her 77-year-old mother’ for money – Tara Aven and her 24-year-old daughter Bria then cashed Sandra Aven’s checks for more than a year before the badly decomposing body was found

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46-year-old woman and her daughter ‘killed her mother,’ then cashed the victim’s checks for more than a year before her badly decomposing body was discovered
Tara Aven and her 24-year-old daughter Briar were arrested on Tuesday in the death of 77-year-old Sandra Aven
Police found the badly decomposing body of Tara’s mother Sandra in her home in Prescott, Arizona
Tara and Briar have been cashing checks made out to her, but Sandra had been dead since mid 2017
Police said Sandra’s body showed signs of trauma
Tara and Briar are in custody on fraud charges but police are expected soon to upgrade that to include murder 

According to authorities, Tara and Briar have been cashing the older woman’s checks for months.
They were both charged with fraud and are in custody.
Police say they are investigating Sandra’s death as a murder and they expect to bring more charges.
Her body had visible signs of trauma when it was found. It has been sent to a medical examiner.
Tara and her daughter live next door to her mother.
When officers arrived at the property to check on Sandra on Tuesday, Briar told them that she was not home.
They went inside anyway and found the older woman’s body.
Tara and her mother admitted to police that they had been cashing the woman’s checks every month.
They had been being sent in the mail.

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