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‘I’m going to lose my job…I’m f****d’: Frantic 911 call by off-duty White Dallas cop Amber Guyger, after entering black neighbor’s apartment and shooting him dead

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‘I’m going to lose my job…I’m f****d’: White Dallas off-duty cop’s frantic 911 call, after entering shooting dead her black neighbor in his own apartment, is revealed
Ex-Dallas cop Amber Renee Guyger accused of killing unarmed black neighbor in his home, told 911 dispatchers: ‘I’m going to lose my job’
Guyger, 30, is awaiting trial for the murder of Botham Jean, 26, she was  charged with manslaughter in Dallas in Sept. 2018, the charges were later upgraded to murder 
Coming off a 13-hour shift when she returned to the building, Guyger went one floor up and fatally shot the victim in his Dallas apartment on Sept 6, 2018
She claims she thought she was in her apartment when she opened fire 
musing on the demise of her career as a cop she called for first responders and for five minutes, she spoke to 911 operators telling them what she had done
She said she was ‘done’ and apologized repeatedly to Jean, who was still alive
The cop was initially charged with manslaughter but a grand jury increased the charge to murder 
Guyger who moved into the apt complex a month earlier claims she had never met Jean, a 26-year-old from St Lucia who worked for PWC in Dallas
His family has always doubted Guyger’s story and are suing her and the Dallas Police Department for wrongful death  – She is due in court in Sept to stand trial for murder
Off duty, White, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, [L-R], is awaiting murder trial for killing her upstairs neighbor Botham Jean in his apt in Dallas in Sept, 2018

A white Dallas cop who fatally shot her black neighbor in his apartment after claiming to have mistaken it for her own told 911 operators ‘I’m done’, ‘I’m f****d’ and ‘I’m gonna lose my job’ as she sought medical help for him, it has emerged.
Amber Guyger, 30, is awaiting trial for killing 26-year-old Botham Jean in his apartment in Dallas in September. She was charged with murder by a grand jury last year and will return to court in September.
On Tuesday, her 911 call at 9.59pm on September 6 was revealed for the first time.
It lasted five minutes and 38 seconds, during which time she told the operator 19 times that she thought she was in her own apartment when she pulled her trigger.

‘I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.’
The call started with Guyger telling the operator that she was in apartment number 1478 – Jean’s apartment which was one floor above hers.
‘I’m at apartment number 1478. I’m in 1478. I thought I was in my apartment. I shot a guy thinking it was my apartment. I’m f**cked,’ she said.
Throughout it, Guyger cursed and cried, encouraging Jean to stay alive and calling him ‘bud’.
She broke down in tears several times and, at one stage, told the operator: ‘I’m done.’

Amber Guyger and Botham Jean 4.JPG26-year-old Dallas based accountant Botham Jean, [right], was shot dead by Officer Amber Renee Guyger [left] in his apt in south Dallas on Thursday night. Guyger said she entered the apt ‘mistaking’ it for her own

At the start of the call, Guyger introduced herself by saying: ‘This is an off duty officer. Can I get, I need to get EMS.’
The operator responded: ‘Do you need police as well or just EMS?’
She replied: ‘Yes I need both.’
Crucially, she hesitated when asked where she was, as if she was checking the apartment number.
She then said: ‘I thought I was in my apartment and I shot a guy thinking he was, thinking it was my apartment.’
The operator replied: ‘You shot someone?’
Guyger continued, becoming more frantic: ‘I thought it was my apartment.
‘I’m f****d. Oh my God. I’m sorry.’
Later, she said: ‘I’m off duty. I’m off duty.
‘I thought it was my apartment. I thought this was my floor.’

She continued to give the operator her name, becoming increasingly frazzled:
‘I’m Amber Guyger. I need, get me. I’m in.’
A minute into the call, the severity of the situation dawned on her.
‘I’m going to lose my job. I thought it was my apartment,’ she said, adding that she needs a supervisor.
Throughout the call, she talked to Jean, calling him ‘bud’ and encouraging him to stay alive.
‘Stay with me bud,’ she said at one point.
She broke down in tears at one stage then repeated several times: ‘I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment.
‘I thought it was my apartment.’
At the end of the call, she started asking how she got into the wrong apartment.
‘Oh my God How did I put the…how did…how did I…I’m so tired,’ she said.
Guyger, who lived on the floor beneath Jean, told police that she returned home to the apartment building after a 13 hour shift. She said she found the door to his apartment slightly ajar and, once inside, saw a ‘large silhouette’.
She claimed that she gave verbal commands and shot him when he ignored her.

Off-duty officer Amber Guyger, 30, can be seen pacing as she speaks with 911 operators after she fatally shot 26-year-old Botham Jean in an apt block in south Dallas on the night of Sept 6, 2018

Neighbors contradicted her story by claiming to have heard arguing before the incident.
The audio was obtained by WFAA and released on Tuesday after being kept secret by the Dallas Police Department for months.
The department took two weeks to fire Guyger despite charging her with manslaughter after Botham’s death.
The more serious charge of murder was brought by a grand jury afterwards.
Jean’s family’s attorney said on Tuesday that the call proved how she was concerned for himself but showed no signs that she was afraid of him.
‘There was nothing in that video or the recording where she ever indicated she thought Botham was trying to harm her.
‘She was very fast to shoot without asking very many questions,’ Daryl Washington, the family attorney, said.
Jean’s family live in the Caribbean.
He had come to the US in 2011 after winning a place at Harding University in Arkansas.
He studied business administration and accounting and management and graduated in 2016.
PwC hired him out of college as a risk assurance associate. His family have always been dubious of Guyger’s story.
Their fears were compounded by claims from neighbors who say they heard arguing and someone yelling  seconds before Guyger fired her weapon.
One neighbor said they heard a woman in the hallway knocking on a door and yelling: ‘Let me in, let me in.’
Another neighbor then heard gunshots and afterwards claimed to have heard a man shouting: ‘Oh my God. Why did you do that?’
The witness told Jean’s family’s lawyer Lee Merritt they think those were his last words. Jean’s mother Allison said she believes there is more to her son’s death than has been revealed.
‘I’m not satisfied that we have all the answers,’ she said last year.

Botham Jean's 15-year-old brother Grant and mother Allison (center) at a prayer service at the Dallas West Church of Christ Aug 9, 2018Anguish of bereaved mom: Allison Jean raises her hands in the air as she leans on her 15-year-old son, Grant [left], during a prayer service for her son at the West Church of Christ in Dallas, TX., days after her older son was killed 

The search warrant also revealed that Guyger told police she used her keys to open the heavy, steel-enforced door.
It contradicted claims she first made when reporting the incident including that the door was ajar.
Neighbors doubted that claim too, said that the doors could only be left open intentionally.
Guyger claimed that she held her key fob up to the apartment door before entering but it would have flashed red because she was at the wrong door.
Jean also had a distinctive red doormat whereas Guyger did not.
Before shooting him, she had filed a noise complaint about Jean who, she said, made noise in the mornings.
However she insists she was exhausted at the end of a grueling shift and simply made a mistake.

Guyger: Get up man.
Operator: This is 911, what’s your emergency.
G: Hi, this is an off-duty officer. Um can I get, I need EMS, I’m in number, um.
Operator:  What’s your address? Do you need police as well or just EMS?
G: Yes, I need both. F**k.
Operator: OK. What’s the address?
G: ‘I’m at apartment number 1478. I’m in 1478.
Operator: ‘And what’s the address there?’
G: Um it’s 1210 South Lamar. 1478…yes.
Operator: What’s going on?
G: I’m an off duty officer. I thought I was in my apartment. I shot a guy thinking he was… thinking it was my apartment.
Operator: You shot someone?
G: Yes. I thought it was my apartment. I’m f****d. Oh my God. I’m sorry.
Operator: Where are you at right now?
G: I’m in. What do you mean? I’m inside the apartment with him. (To Jean): Hey, come on man.
Operator: What’s your name?
G: ‘My name is Amber Guyger.’
Operator: OK we have help on the way.
G: I know but I’m gonna lose my job. I thought it was my apartment. (To Jean): Hey man. F**k.
Operator: Stay with me OK.
G: I am. I am. I know I need a supervisor. (To Jean): Hey bud, hey bud, hey
bud. Come on. Oh f**k. I thought it was my apartment!
Operator: I understand. We have help on the way.
G: ‘I thought it was my apartment! Hurry, please.
Operator: They’re on their way.
G: I thought it was my apartment, I thought it was my apartment. I could have sworn I parked on the third floor.
Operator: I understand.
G: No, I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment, I thought it was my apartment, I thought it was my apartment.
Operator: What’s the gate code there?
G: I don’t know. I don’t know. I thought it was my apartment.
Operator: They’re trying to get in there, they have an officer there. You don’t know the gate code?
G: No. I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment.
Operator: OK… and what floor are you in right now?
G: On the fourth floor. Fourth. (To Jean) Hey bud, hey bud. They’re coming. I’m sorry man.
Operator: ‘OK, where was he shot?
G: He’s on the top, top left.
Operator: You’re with Dallas PD, right?
G: Yes…. (cries) Oh my God, I’m done. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry. (To Jean) Hey bud.
Operator: They’re trying to get there to you, OK.
G: I know. (To Jean) Hey, hey. Stay with me bud. Holy f**k.
Operator: They’re already there, they tried to get to you.
G: Holy f**k. I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment. Holy f**K. I thought it was my apartment. Oh my God. F**k. I thought it was my apartment. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. F**K. (Jean groans). Oh my God.
Operator: OK they’re trying to get to you. Do you see them? Do you see them?
G: No! No. I.. I… How the f**k did I put the.. How did I…I’m so tired. I don’t know… hurry. (To paramedics) Hey, over here! over here!
Operator: OK go ahead and talk to them.
G: (To paramedics) No it’s me, I’m off-duty.I’m off-duty. I’m off-duty. I thought they were in my apartment, I thought this was my floor.

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