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Former Miss Uruguay, Fatimih Dávila, 31, is found hanged in the bathroom of a Mexico City hotel and investigators probe whether her death was a suicide or murder

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Mystery surrounds death of former Miss Uruguay in the bathroom of a Mexico City hotel 
Fatimih Dávila, 31, was found dead hanging in the shower  in the hotel early Thursday
Investigators are yet to determine  whether the death is a homicide or suicide
Dávila represented Uruguay at the Miss Universe pageant after she won the Miss Uruguay competition in 2006
She has since worked as a model, and was a key witness in the busting of a human trafficking ring in 2012 

A former Miss Uruguay pageant winner has been found dead in a Mexico City hotel.
Fatimih Dávila, who won the Uruguay pageant in 2006, was identified by city officials as the woman who was found hanged in the bathroom of a guest room early Thursday. She was 31.
There was no official ruling on the manner of death.
The prosecutor’s office said a homicide investigation was looking into the circumstances surrounding the hanging and whether the woman killed herself or was killed.
After winning the national pageant, Dávila went on to represent Uruguay in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant, held in Los Angeles.
Since then, she had apparently worked as a model.
The Mexico City district attorney’s office said Dávila had arrived in Mexico City on April 23 for a supposed job interview.

After winning the national pageant, Dávila went on to represent Uruguay in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant, held in Los Angeles.

The office of the public prosecutor of Mexico City in a statement said officers responding to an early morning call found the woman “in the bathroom of one of the rooms” of a hotel located in a central area of the city. Officers reportedly discovered the woman suspended from the shower.

‘From the investigations carried out so far, it was established that an acquaintance helped her to settle in the aforementioned hotel,’ the prosecutor’s office said according to a press release statement.
The name of the hotel has not been publicly revealed.
Spanish-language press report that the hotel was located on Altadena Street in Colonia Nápoles, Benito Juarez.

Mexican authorities said they were in contact with the Uruguayan embassy in order to notify Dávila family.
According to Dávila’s Instagram account, she was based in Mexico and worked as a model. The pictures of family and friends were accompanied by inspiration quotes, such as, ‘What we do today matters most’ and ‘Let’s start the year 2019 smiling and with good vibes.’

According to Uruguayan newspaper El Pais, Dávila’s name came up during an 2011 undercover investigation into a prostitution ring in Uruguay that was operated by Jose Miguel Acosta, a public relations agent with close ties to Argentine model representative Luis Santos.
The Uruguayan model allegedly was the victim of a prostitution network, where she was promised projects and work proposals that would never be finalized, according to the book “Broken dreams: the hidden plot of modeling, football and television”.
Dávila was reportedly recorded by investigators talking to Acosta in which she said that she had spoken to Santos about seeking other ways to ‘make myself better known.’
‘I was talking to Leandro [Santos] and he told me that it would be good if I got into something of that to [put myself in higher demand], to make myself better known, because nobody values the subject matter of Miss Uruguay.’
The model gave a court declaration in 2012 following the sting.
Santos was detained in 2017 and jailed.

Fatimih Dávila, helped bring down a human trafficking ring in 2012

Investigators in Mexico said, the woman found hanged  appears to be the same person who owns an account on Instagram, in which she mentions that she is currently modeling in Mexico, although the most recent publication is from the beginning of January.
“From the investigations carried out to date, it was established that the woman, of Uruguayan origin, arrived in Mexico City on April 23, and that an acquaintance helped her to settle in the aforementioned hotel, since she would have an interview of work, “adds the statement from the prosecution.
In Mexico, hit by a wave of violence linked to drug trafficking, the murders of women have rebounded with an index of 7.5 daily, according to UN Women.
In recent years there have been many cases of foreign women arriving in Mexico with promises of work as a model but many end up being victims of trafficking and there have been some cases in which they are murdered.

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