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‘Sweet mom’ NFL star Russell Wilson gives his mom super house for Mother’s Day a month after he signed record-breaking $140million contract

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Disbelief: ‘I’m going to pee myself!’ Tammy Wilson explodes in hysterical mirth as her son surprised with a Mother’s Day gift of a brand new home
What’s this?’  
‘it’s the key to your house [mom]…open the door’
Heartwarming viral video shows the moment NFL star Russell Wilson gives his mom a house for Mother’s Day
Last  month Wilson, 30, signed record-breaking $140million NFL contract with Seattle Seahawks over four years, becoming  the league’s highest payed player
Russell Wilson surprised his mother, Tammy Wilson, with new home on Sunday  – Tammy Wilson is seen in looking in disbelief as he hands her keys  
Tammy hugged Russel, his wife Ciara, before stepping inside the home with granddaughter Sienna, and other family members present for the hand off
The NFL star’s mother then laughs and tells everyone: ‘I’m going to pee myself!’ 
Sweet Mother: Russell seen in [photo] with his mother in 2014, surprised her with a new home on Mother’s Day

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