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Former NYPD vice detective Ludwig Paz and his wife plead guilty to running multi-million dollar chain of NYC brothels and gambling rooms while offering crooked cops discounted rates with prostitutes in exchange for ‘looking out’

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Former NYPD Vice Detective Ludwig Paz, 51, and his wife Arelis Peralta, 43, pled guilty to running a prostitution and gambling ring that netted $2 million per year, on Wednesday 
The couple from Queens operated brothels throughout New York and set up gambling rooms inside beauty parlors and other businesses
Seven active duty officers are accused of alerting Paz to raids and giving him tip-offs 
One of them, Rene Samaniego, pled guilty and faces up to six years in jail 
Paz and Peralta used the proceeds of the operation to fund a lavish lifestyle over the last several years, which they chronicled on social media 
Paz is expected to be sentenced four to 12 years in prison. Setencing is scheduled for June 27
After pleading guilty to attempted enterprise corruption, Arelis Parelta was immediately sentenced to 364 days in jail
Paz’s daughters, Jarelis Guzman, 22 and Arisbel Guzman, 20, were also charged
Arisbel has pled not guilty to charges of conspiracy and felony enterprise corruption – Both were released without bail

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