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Kentucky dad, on trial for murder of his five children prayed in tongues – Timothy Jones Jr copping insanity plea, told his preacher ‘there’s a monster in me trying to get out’ before beating and strangling kids to death

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Child killer prayed in tongues and told his preacher ‘there’s a monster in me trying to get out’ before beating and strangling his kids to death
Timothy Ray Jones Jr is on trial for murder in Lexington, Kentucky, for murdering his five young children in 2014 is pleading not guilty on the  basis of insanity
The 34-year-old dad is ccused of murdering his sons, Nahtahn, 6, Elias, 7, and Gabriel, 2, as well as his daughters, Merah, 8 and one-year-old Abigail 
His former preacher testified Friday about his ‘praying in tongues’ and believing the cleric’s wife was trying to seduce him 
Pastor Micah Sutton told the court Jones was a disruptive force and once told him, ‘it seems like there’s a monster in my trying to get out’ 
Jones’ former couple’s therapist testified that he told her he was old-fashioned person who believed in spanking children
Jones’ grandmother, Roberta Thornsberry, talked about his traumatic childhood as the son of a schizophrenic mother  
At age 15, Jones was in a car wreck that left him with a ‘misshapen’ brain, according to expert testimony
 Children’s mother Amber Kyzer, broke down on the stand during her testimony
Jones faces death penalty if convicted
Abigail Jones [left] and Gabriel Jones [right] 1Jones then used a belt to strangle one-year-old Abigail (left) and two-year-old Gabriel (right)
Merah Jones [left], and Elias Jones [right] 1Eight-year-old Merah (left) watched her father kill her seven-year-old brother Elias (right) and was then strangled herself
Amber Kyzer 4‘ ‘My babies,’ ‘My Babies’. ‘Oh my God’: Amber Kyzer, the mother of five South Carolina children who were murdered in 2014, took the stand in the trial of her ex, Timothy Jones Jr., the man accused of killing the kids
Authorities charged Jones in connection with the deaths of his five children after he led officers to a secluded clearing in Alabama where their bodies lay wrapped in individual garbage bags.
Authorities in South Carolina and Mississippi charged Jones Jr. with child neglect before the multiple charges of murder.
On Friday, the 18 jurors sitting in judgement of Jones heard from Pastor Micah Sutton, who officiated the defendant’s wedding with Kyzer in 2004, reported the Greenville News.
Jones joined Sutton’s Pentecostal church in suburban Chicago in 2003 after the defendant finished serving a year in prison on charges of cocaine possession, burglary and car theft.
‘I used to joke with my wife that we had a church of 25 and Tim was the only one who could make every one of them upset,’ Sutton told the court.
Sutton described Jones as a devout Christian who could freely quote from Scripture, and who used his deep knowledge of the Bible to win arguments with other members of the congregation.
The pastor described his former congregant as a disruptive force who had no sense of boundaries.
According to Sutton’s testimony, Jones came to him one day saying that the attire and the manner of speaking of the preacher’s wife suggested that she was trying to seduce him.
Timothy Jones Jr 8Jones Jr. weeps in court on Wednesday. He’s facing the death penalty if convicted for the five deaths
Roberta Thornsberry 1‘Not Guilty by reason of insanity’: Jones’ grandmother, Roberta Thornsberry [L-R], took the stand as a witness for the defense and talked about his traumatic childhood as the  son of a schizophrenic mother
‘I explained to him that my wife is an extreme introvert,’ Sutton recounted.
Sutton also noted that on occasion, Jones told him, ‘it seems like there’s a monster in my trying to get out.’
Next to testify was couple’s therapist April Hames, who is 2013 wrote an affidavit at Jones’ request recommending that he be given sole custody of his and Kyzer’s children during their divorce proceedings.
Hames described Jones as an intelligent and loving father who valued good education. She said he claimed his estranged wife was unfaithful to him, that she was doing a poor job homeschooling their children, and that she did not wish to participate in marriage counselling.
Hames, who had more than a dozen sessions with Jones, said that the father-of-five told her he was a conservative and old-fashioned person who believed in spanking children.
‘He said spanking and corporal punishment was medicine for their sick bodies,’ Hames told from the witness stand.
Jones stands accused of beating his six-year-old son, Nahtahn, to death for breaking an electrical outlet.
Next, he strangled his son Elias, seven, with his hands, in front of his eight-year-old daughter Merah, whom he also strangled, along with his two-year-old son Gabriel and one-year-old daughter Abigail.

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