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Missing teens now suspects in deaths of American woman and her Australian boyfriend found shot along Canadian highway

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Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, were last seen in northern Saskatchewan, about 300 miles from where their Dodge pickup was discovered Friday in flames on the same roadway.
Authorities were responding to a pickup truck fire along Highway 37 south of the Stikine River Bridge in the northwestern section of the province on Friday when a passing driver told them he spotted what he believed to be a body at a nearby highway pullout, the Vancouver Sun reported.
The teens, who are both from Port Alberni, have since been spotted driving a gray 2011 Toyota Rav 4.

Kam McLeod, [left], and Bryer Schmegelsky [right] 2We are asking the public that if you spot Kam McLeod or Bryer Schmegelsky to consider them as dangerous – take no actions – do not approach – and call 911 immediately, police announced

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“Given these latest developments, Kam and Bryer are no longer considered missing,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson Janelle Shoihet said Tuesday.
While investigating the teens’ truck fire, police discovered the body of an unidentified man about a mile away.
The teens are believed to be responsible for the man’s death as well as the murders of Chynna Deese, 24, of Charlotte, North Carolina, and her boyfriend, Lucas Fowler, 23, of Sydney, Australia.
Fowler, from New South Wales in Australia and Deese, from North Carolina, were nearing the end of a two-week road trip to Alaska when their van broke down along the Alaska Highway about 12.4 miles south of Liard River Hot Springs provincial park, a popular tourist spot.
Their bodies were discovered by the roadside on 15 July, but it took three days for police to identify them. The RCMP believe they were killed sometime between 14 July and 15 July.
On Friday, police in the town of Dease Lake found McLeod and Schmegelsky’s truck in flames and launched a search for the two men. They had reportedly been traveling to Whitehorse in the Yukon to find work.
During the search police found the body of the third victim two about a mile down the road, the RCMP said.

Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler 5.JPGThe bodies of Chynna Deese [left],  and Lucas Fowler [right],were discovered on the side of the Alaska Highway in British Columbia, Canada on July 15
The blue van being used by Chynna Noelle Deese and Lucas Robertson Fowler at the scene where they were found deadThe blue van being used by the pair of Chynna Noelle Deese and Lucas Robertson Fowler at the scene where they were found dead along a Canadian highway on Monday

Chynna Noelle Deese, 24, of Charlotte, North Carolina, and her beau, Lucas Robertson Fowler, 23,  of Australia, were found dead on the side of a remote highway in the westernmost Canadian province last week. Deese and Fowler were fatally shot sometime between 4 p.m. on July 14 and 7 a.m. on July 15, authorities said. The young couple were wrapping up a two-week road trip around Canada when they were killed.
Canadian road worker Alandra Hull on Monday stated that she spotted Fowler and Deese on the highway the night before their bodies were discovered, talking to a bearded man who “kind of looked frustrated or something.”
The mystery man had been spotted earlier having a “heated exchange” with the young couple the night before they were found July 15 shot dead on the side of a remote highway, 12 miles south of Lilard Hot Springs, a popular tourist destination.
The man, who got out of a gray car, was standing in the middle of the highway as Fowler and Deese stood beside their van, Hull told the outlet.
“If you just get a bad feeling, and that’s what I had, you just don’t stop,” Hull said.
She has since given a statement to police and will work with a sketch artist to depict the man, according to the report.
Police are asking the public to not approach McLeod and Schmegelsky as they’re considered dangerous.
“Do not approach, take no action and call immediately 911,” Shoihet said.
The shocking twist comes after police said that it was possible the murders of Deese and Lucas  were linked to the missing teens.
“We recognize the possibility that these could be linked,” Shoihet said during a Monday press conference.


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