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Planned? Kenyan governor reveals his late friend, an MP, had an affair at his FUNERAL and details how he had fathered a son by his lover – in front of the dead man’s childless widow

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Kenyan governor reveals his politician friend’s affair at his FUNERAL and details how he had fathered a son by his lover, and urges  women abandoned by their partners after bearing their child should expose the deadbeats
Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko, 44, revealed his friend Ken Okoth was having  affair, with another public official
He publicly detailed the affair during Okoth’s funeral which was broadcast on TV -revealing that id Okoth had fathered a son as a direct result of his extramarital affair
He claimed he wanted to try and protect the interest of Okoth’s son by speaking out publicly 

A front line Kenyan politician revealed that his recently deceased friend, also a national political figure, had fathered a son in the course of an extra-marital affair with at his funeral, while the dead man’s widow sat in the congregation.
Speaking out on a subject which is typically taboo for polite public discuss in the country, Mike Sonko Governor of Kenya’s capital territory, Nairobi, Mike Sonko, publicly detailed an apparent affair between late parliamentarian Ken Okoth and a woman who was nominated for Nairobi’s County Assembly.
Sonko made the shocking admission at his friend’s memorial service, which was broadcast on local television, after he died from cancer at the age of 41 last month.

He claimed: ‘Ken had a son with one of the nominated Nairobi MCAs [Members of County Assembly]. The two lovebirds did not hide the fact that they shared a son as demonstrated by pictures and various documented correspondence.’
Sonko’s comments, which have sparked a debate about the responsibility of children born out of wedlock to those in authority, were made in front of Okoth’s wife Monica.

During his speech, Sonko revealed his ‘humble’ words were in a bid to protect Okoth’s son – to ensure he is acknowledged and treated fairly by members of the Okoth family, as well as,  and involve him in sending off his late father.
Sonko referenced many other children in a similar predicament. He urged women who had been abandoned with child by their rich and powerful partners and public figures to quit skulking in the shadows and make their cases public, to ensure the welfare of the children.
He said: ‘My humble appeal is that even as we prepare to bury Ken, let’s not forget his son. He too needs and has a right to participate in the send-off of his beloved dad. The family should accept that Honorable Okoth’s son enjoys legal protection and recognition.’

Those familiar with the story took to Twitter to hashtag Sonko, in a mock warning to their followers not to spill their secrets out of fear the governor would reveal them.

Ken Okoth funeral 1Member of Parliament Ken Okoth is remembered at his funeral. His pal outed the existence of an extramarital affair and his love child

Mike Sonko made the shocking admission at his friend’s memorial service, which was broadcast on local television, after he died from cancer at the age of 41 last month.
Sonko, who is father to three children, aimed to highlight an increasing trend in Kenya where many children are without paternal assistance.
Almost half of children in the country do not live with both of their biological parents while 22 per cent live with their mother although their fathers are alive, the 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey claims.
Sonko has since posted two phone numbers on his Facebook, urging women who have been in a similar situation to come forward and tell their stories.
He posted: ‘When sending details on which MP, Senator, Governor, Businessman has impregnated you, remember to send his full names and the position he holds plus any photos or videos of those happy moments so that we expose them.’


The governor later updated his followers and revealed that he had received several complaints from women who had been impregnated by politicians.
Sonko’s actions have divided opinion, with some arguing that he was right to expose his friend, while others said it is a private family matter.
Restaurant owner Brandish Kotia told CNN: ‘What Sonko did wasn’t right. Those are family affairs. They could have just talked to each other, there was no need to make it so public.’
Mary, a shopkeeper in Nairobi’s Westlands District who declined to give her last name due to the sensitivities of commenting on politicians, agreed with Sonko: ‘It will be a lesson to everybody. There is too much hiding and when you try to tell the men, they don’t want to hear about it. But now everybody will be alert.’

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