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Clown Show: Dem presidential candidate Marianne Williamson claims Hurricane Dorian turned away from the Florida coast because of ‘a creative use of the power of the mind’ then deletes tweet in face of mockery

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Democratic 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson tweeted that the ‘positive thinking’ could help turn Hurricane Dorian away from hitting land in Florida 
Williamson said Dorian turned away from the Florida coast because of ‘a creative use of the power of the mind’ then deleted tweet in face of mockery
She deleted the tweet and replace it with one expressing she was praying for the southeastern states that would be affected by the storm
Williamson was trolled on Twitter for the original post
Her campaign said she deleted the tweet because it caused ‘confusion’
Williamson who reportedly was the most searched candidate after the June and July debates, did not meet the polling threshold to qualify for the Sept debates in Houston, Texas later this month
Hurricane Dorian – now reduced to a Category 2 hurricane – is skirting along the eastern seaboard, and The National Hurricane Center warned states including Fla, Ga and NC would amass several inches of flooding

Residents of Bahamas struggle against the ravages of Hurricane Dorian

Marianne Williamson tweet on hurricane Dorian 1After being heavily trolled Williamson replaced her first tweet a few hours later that simply sent prayers to the states that could be affected by the storm. Her campaign said the first was deleted because it caused confusion

Some Twitter users criticized Williamson’s original tweet, and one freelance journalist pled for people to ‘stop considering this person as a serious candidate for anything.’
‘Go away, unicorn lady,’ another user said of Williamson.
Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted a screenshot of the tweet with a caption that described Williamson had deleted it, and the candidate responding by claiming she’s not ‘crazy’ or ‘dangerous.’
‘Since you obviously want to debunk, counter or mischaracterize anything I do, would you like to have an honest and fair public dialogue?’ she asked of Ali. ‘Since I’m neither crazy, irresponsible nor dangerous, I would appreciate the opportunity to counter the caricature.’
Williamson, an author and spiritual adviser, is one of the Democrats almost two dozen candidates running a 2020 primary campaign. She’s better known for her love of healing crystals and New Age spirituality than healthcare policy and economic strategy.
She gained traction after scoring several viral moments during the first and second primary debates earlier this summer. After appearing on stage with nine other candidates during both the June and July debates, she became the most searched candidate on Google.
However, the relatively lesser-known candidate will not be on the debate stage in September. She has not generated enough democratic support the past few months to meet the polling threshold set by the Democratic National Committee as qualifier for the debate stage in Houston, Texas later this month.

The storm hit the Bahamas over the weekend, resulting in at least seven deaths.
Although Dorian was reduced to a Category 2 hurricane since then, it is expected to produce 5 to 10 inches of rain in the Coastal Carolinas, 3-6 inches along the Atlantic Coast from Daytona Beach to the Georgia-South Carolina line and 3-6 inches in southeast Virginia.
Although making landfall on the US coastline as a Cat 5 hurricane,  Dorian still packs a punch The National Hurricane Center warned Wednesday morning. That the amount of rainfall and flooding could still be deadly and could cause life-threatening flash floods,’ the NHC said.


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