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NYPD cop charged murder-for-hire plot against husband, denied bail because of her “lack of impulse control” and her “defensiveness”

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Federal judge orders suspended NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli to remain behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn until her trial
Cincinelli, 35, had put out a contract ‘hit’ on 33-year-old Carvalho with an FBI undercover agent she believed was a hit man
Feds said Cincinelli asked tasked her boyfriend John DiRubba in Feb to find a hitman to kill her estranged hubby, Isaiah Carvalho, who filed for divorce in 2018
DiRubba, 55, pretended to oblige, but instead alerted the FBI, and cooperated as an informant
Cincinelli also wanted DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter killed in the bargain, ‘because she was in the way of her spending time’ with her love
The mother of two and NYPD employee since 2007, was arrested in Oct, 2018 by the FBI after she allegedly paid her boyfriend $7,000 to put out the hit
Cincinelli has pled not guilty to the murder-for-hire plot

The female NYC police officer accused of plotting to murder her estranged husband and have her current boyfriend’s teenage daughter eliminated in the same ‘kill contract’, was denied bail because of her “lack of impulse control” and her “defensiveness.”
A federal judge ordered Valerie Cincinelli, 35, to remain behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn until her trial, according to court documents filed Friday.

The Oceanside mom was arrested in May on charges that she hatched a plan with her boyfriend John DiRubba to arrange hits on both her husband, Isaiah Carvalho, and DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter.
Cincinelli, 35, and 33-year-old Carvalho were in the middle of a bitter divorce.
She has pled not guilty to two counts of murder for hire and one count of obstruction of justice.
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Central Islip Judge Sandra Feuerstein noted in her ruling that Cincinelli “poses a danger to the safety” of the victims, pointing to her “lack of impulse control and remorse” as well as her “defensiveness” when defying court orders.

Cincinelli allegedly attempted to destroy two iPhones around the time of her arrest, then got into hot water behind bars for ignoring court rules by placing calls from jail.
“The court finds by clear and convincing evidence that defendant poses a danger to the safety of the allegedly intended victims and the community, particularly in light of the serious risk that defendant would attempt to obstruct justice, as evidenced by her alleged conduct in destroying and/or attempting to destroy evidence prior to her arrest and her disobedience of court directives while in custody,” the judge wrote.

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