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Liberal activist Edward Buck is ARRESTED for running a drug den and ‘being a violent sexual predator who preys on men struggling with addiction’ – after a third man overdosed in his California home

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Prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck is ARRESTED for running a drug den and ‘being a violent sexual predator who preys on men struggling with addiction’ after a third man overdosed in his California apartment
Buck was charged on Tuesday with a felony count each of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house
California prosecutors are asking that Buck, a ‘violent, dangerous sexual predator,’ be held on $4million bail 
Prosecutors allege Buck provided methamphetamine that led to two overdose deaths 
Last Wednesday, another man overdosed on methamphetamine provided by Buck, though he survived, authorities have alleged
Buck has been photographed with powerful Democrats including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former Governor Jerry Brown
Last week, a black man was photographed entering Buck’s West Hollywood apartment despite the fact that two men died there of an overdose
It is unclear if the man is the same individual who overdosed on methamphetamine last Wednesday
If convicted of all charges, Buck faces a maximum sentence of five years and eight months in state prison
A prominent California Democratic donor was arrested Tuesday accused of running a drug house where two men died of overdoses and a third nearly died last week.
Authorities charged Buck, a prominent Democratic donor and LGBTQ political activist  Tuesday  with operating a drug house, with prosecutors calling him a violent sexual predator who preys on men struggling with addiction and homelessness.
Prosecutors described Ed Buck is ‘a violent, dangerous sexual predator’ who offered drugs, money and shelter to vulnerable addicts in exchange for participation in sexual fetishes, including administering dangerous drug doses.
Prosecutors allege Buck provided the meth that killed two men who were found in his apartment in 2017 and this January.
Gemmel Moore, 26, died in 2017. Timothy Dean, 55, died early this year. Buck personally injected drugs into a man who survived an overdose this month, the charging documents stated.
The alleged victim entered Buck’s apartment and the donor ‘personally and deliberately’ administered a large dose of methamphetamine, the Los Angeles Times reports.
Buck is accused of injecting the 37-year-old man, who overdosed but survived, with methamphetamine on Sept. 11.
Gemmel 'Juelz' Moore (left) and Ed Buck 126-year-old sex worker, Gemmel Moore, seen [left],  with Buck [right], was found dead in Buck’s West Hollywood apt in July 2017

The man is alleged to have returned to Buck’s apartment a week later on September 11.
Authorities allege that Buck again gave the man ‘two dangerously large’ doses of methamphetamine, resulting in an overdose.
Prosecutors allege Buck thwarted the man’s attempts to get help, but he managed to escape to a nearby gas station, where he called for help.
The man was rushed to hospital and treated.

Edward Buck 3Ed Buck is now been charged in the death of Timothy Dean, who is the second black man to be found dead in the wealthy 64-year-old’s apt in 18 months – Crucially, investigation into the death of Gemmel Moore, 26, in July 2017 at [Buck’s] residence, has now been reopened after being closed for lack of evidence.

Edward Buck is now charged over the death of Dean, who is the second black man to be found dead in the wealthy 64-year-old Buck’s apartment in 18 months.
Crucially, the investigation into the death of Gemmel Moore, 26, in July 2017 at Buck’s residence, has now been reopened after being closed for lack of evidence.Investigators conducting a search in Buck’s home found hundreds of photographs of men in compromising positions.
‘The full scope of his consistent malicious behavior is unknown,’ prosecutors said.
‘It is only a matter of time before another one of these vulnerable young men dies of an overdose.’
Buck was charged with a felony count each of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, KABC-TV reported.
He is due to be arraigned on Wednesday and prosecutors are seeking $4million bail.
If convicted of all charges, Buck faces a maximum sentence of five years and eight months in state prison.
News of Buck’s arrest was greeted with cheers by community activists who saw police cars line the street in front of his West Hollywood apartment on Tuesday.
‘Today is like a celebration for us,’ said Jasmyne Cannick, a justice campaigner who has also served as spokesperson for one of the men who died of an overdose at Buck’s home.
Cannick and others have claimed that Buck has thus far evaded arrest due to his connections to powerful political figures.
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Authorities deny accusations that Buck’s political activities played a role in their decision not to arrest him. They also deny that Buck’s race and the fact that his alleged victims were black also contributed to his remaining a free man.
‘I feel vindicated for all the people who said it was never going to happen,’ Cannick said.
‘I feel really good for all the young men he took advantage of because they didn’t feel like anyone took them seriously, like their lives weren’t important enough for anyone to really care about.’


Buck has donated tens of thousands of dollars to campaigns of California candidates, including Gov. Gavin Newsom.
He has also given to Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and many others.
He has been photographed with Clinton and former California Governor Jerry Brown.
The 64-year-old became a successful businessman, pioneering in computer technology, specifically in electronic information services, in Arizona before moving to Los Angeles.
A one-time registered Republican, Buck began getting involved in Southern California politics in the early 1990s.
In 2007, Buck waged an unsuccessful campaign to be elected to the West Hollywood City Council.


Timothy dean 11Timothy Dean died in Democratic Party donor Ed Buck’s apt in Jan Photo shows his body being removed from Buck’s apt

‘From his home, in a position of power, Buck manipulates his victims into participating in his sexual fetishes,’ prosecutors wrote in court papers.
‘These fetishes include supplying and personally administering dangerously large doses of narcotics to his victims…. Not deterred by the senseless deaths of Moore and Dean, the defendant nearly killed a third victim last week.’
News of Buck’s arrest comes a week after photographs emerged showing young black men going into Buck’s apartment despite the two previous overdose deaths.
A photograph emerged of a young black man with what appears to be a bandage on his arm and carrying bundles of paper towels entering Buck’s apartment.
It is unclear if the man is individual who suffered an overdose last Wednesday.
The family of one of Buck’s alleged victims, Gemmel Moore, claim in a lawsuit filed this year that Buck fulfilled his sexual fantasies by injecting young black men with increasing doses of crystal meth during days-long sex sessions.
Moore, 26, was found dead of a methamphetamine overdose in Buck’s apartment in July 2017, after the donor paid him to fly from Texas to meet him.
Another black man, Buck’s local friend Timothy Dean, 55, was also found dead there from the same cause 18 months later, causing outrage in the Hollywood community and prompting protests calling for his arrest.
It was later reported that Buck waited 15 minutes to call the emergency services after finding Dean passed out in his home.
The 55-year-old was found unresponsive on a mattress after exhibiting ‘bizarre behavior’ at Buck’s West Hollywood residence on January 7, a coroner’s report states.
Buck told police he left to have a shower when Dean began making a noose out of clothes.
He returned from the bathroom to find the fashion designer unresponsive in his sex-toy filled living, according to The Daily Beast.
Buck told a deputy he tried to perform CPR on Dean for around 15 minutes before calling 911, the report states.

Gemmel Moore's body is removed from Edward Buck's apt 1Gemmel Moore’s body is removed from Edward Buck’s west Hollywood apt in July 2017. Buck had also engaged hi services

The coroner’s report reads: ‘The witness [Buck] observed him using a piece of clothing to make a noose and tied it around his neck.
‘The witness relays that he removed the ”noose” and the decedent then stood up and began throwing clothes up in the air.’
Buck’s attorney said he waited to call for help because he was performing CPR and was not in the room when Dean fell unconscious.
The coroner ruled both deaths accidental overdoses, and the Los Angeles District Attorney declined to file any charges against Buck. Pictured: The apartment complex where Buck lives
The coroner ruled both deaths accidental overdoses and the Los Angeles District Attorney declined to file any charges against Buck.
The prominent donor has always denied any wrongdoing through his lawyer, Seymour Amster, and called the allegations ‘spurious’.
According to legal documents filed by Moore’s family in July, Buck has remained active on gay sex hookup sites such as Grindr and Adam4Adam, and has continued to solicit sex from young black men as late as April 2019.
The recent photo of a young black man entering Buck’s apartment was tweeted by Cannick, who has uncovered evidence used in the police investigation into the deaths and has pushed for years for Buck’s arrest.
‘We know that Ed Buck has not changed his predatory behavior,’ Cannick said. ‘We know this because the men he’s solicited have told us. We know this because people in his neighborhood have told us. We know this because Ed Buck is still using the internet to find young Black men to lure with his money.
‘Every day that goes by that Ed Buck is a free man, there is the very real chance of there being a third or even fourth dead body coming out of that apartment.’

Gemmel Moore 4
Buck was investigated for suspected murder when Gemmel Moore, [photo], 26, was found dead of a meth overdose at his home in July 2017

According to the Moore family lawsuit, police searching the apartment after Moore’s death found it ‘littered with multiple syringes with brown residue, a scale, several lighters and torches, a straw with white residue, glass pipes with white residue and burn marks, plastic bags with white powdery residue and a clear plastic bag containing a crystal-like substance.’
The documents claim Buck had ‘previously solicited sex’ from Moore, and ‘would insist upon injecting Mr. Moore with crystal methamphetamine’ then forcing him to watch hardcore gay pornography.
Buck also ‘required Mr. Moore to masturbate and engage in other autoerotic sex acts for Mr. Buck’s sexual gratification and pleasure,’ the papers say.
A striking source of evidence in the family’s case is Moore’s journal, in which he claims Buck injected him with crystal meth.


In one entry, Moore wrote: ‘I honestly don’t know what to do. I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. Ed Buck is the one to thank. He gave me my first injection of crystal meth it was very painful, but after all the troubles, I became addicted to the pain and fetish/fantasy.
‘My life is at an all-time high right now & I mean that from all ways. I ended up back at Buck house again and got manipulated into slamming again. I even went to the point where I was forced to doing 4 within a 2day period. This man is crazy and it’s sad. Will I ever get help?’
‘Slamming’ is a slang term used among gay men for injecting drugs such as mephedrone, GHB, or crystal meth.
In Moore’s final entry on December 3, 2016, he wrote: ‘If it didn’t hurt so bad, I’d kill myself, but I’ll let Ed Buck do it for now.’
Two other men have come forward who claim Buck paid them to come to his apartment, strip and wear special underpants as well as other bizarre ‘fetish’ requests, and be injected by the wealthy donor with syringes of meth.

One man, Jermaine Gagnon, 28, said that during one such session last September, Buck gave him Gatorade secretly spiked with an unknown drug and then injected him with crystal meth as he lay incapacitated.
‘My body was numb, I could barely move. All I felt was warm all over my body. It was a matter of seconds. My speech started slurring, I was in and out,’ Gagnon recounts.



‘I saw him preparing the drugs at the table. He said ”you’ve got to watch”. I couldn’t really stand up. I lay on the bed in the middle of the floor and was just laid out.’
He continued: ‘He came over, he was like ”I don’t think you’re high enough for me, I want you to do another point.”
‘That’s when he pointed me. Immediately it felt like death took over my body. I don’t know what it was. I felt like everything was going to end right there.
‘I really thought I was the next person that was gonna be dead at Ed Buck’s house.’

Another man, a former porn star  identified only as ‘Blake’ at the request of his family, wrote to them a detailed account of several ‘chemsex’ sessions he had with Buck. The man has since died from an unrelated illness.
According to Blake’s account, Buck called the black 30-year-old his ‘crack baby’, ‘my n****r buddy’, ‘my straight n****r buddy’, ‘and ‘black boy’.
Blake claimed the Hillary donor paid to watch him defecate, strip-searched him before he left the apartment, and once even choked Blake when he refused to leave.
The former porn star told told his family Buck would trawl LA’s Skid Row for young black men, and would photograph the men he paid for sex in an area near the doorway to his apartment that he called ‘the gates of hell’.

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