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Oklahoma father, 46, on trial for shooting his paramedic daughter, 22, in the face – Multiple witnesses testify that Ronald McMullen sexually and physically abused Kailee, just months before he allegedly killed her

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Paramedic and former cheerleader Kailee Jo Hooker, 22, was found dead form a gunshot wound to the face at her parents’ Oklahoma home on June 29, 2017 
Her father, Ronald Lee McMullen has been accused of shooting Kailee in the face leading to her death
Ronald McMullen, 45, is being tried for first-degree murder in June 2017 shooting death of Kailee McMullen in Norman, Oklahoma
Multiple witnesses testify at his trial that he sexually and physically abused his adult daughter months before her death
Defense argues Kailee, committed suicide by shooting herself in the face, but prosecutors say they have evidence that the former cheerleader did not take her own life 
Officers who responded to the scene testified that Ronald was covered in his daughter’s blood and was not answering their questions
Kailee’s friends and ex-boyfriend told the court three months before her death, she told her her father slapped her and later slipped into bed and touched her inappropriately
Several of her childhood friends repeated the same story about how Ronald allegedly slapped Kailee in the face leaving her bleeding during a heated exchange
They also revealed that her nurse mom, McMullen, allegedly pulled a gun on Ronald and threatened to kill him if he touched her daughter again
Karen McMullen denies her husband’s alleged abuse of their daughter, or that her killed her
An Oklahoma dad is on trial for first-degree murder trial  accused of shooting his 22-year-old daughter in the face, just months after witnesses say she accused him of groping and slapping her.
Ronald Lee McMullen Jr., 45, of Norman, OK, is charged with first-degree murder in the June 29, 2017 shooting death of of his 22-year-old daughter – former cheerleader-turned-paramedic, Kailee Jo Hooker.
The murder defendant physically and sexually assaulted his daughter a few months before her death, multiple witnesses testified Wednesday.
On Wednesday, the jury heard from four of Kailee’s childhood friends and her ex-boyfriend, who testified about the abuse she had allegedly endured at the hands of her father in the months before her death.

Kailee’s ex-boyfriend Paul Sargent testified that she called him crying in April 2017, three months before her passing.
‘She told me that earlier in the night her mother had pulled a gun on her father after he had slapped her and she had gone to bed with her mother,’ Sargent testified. ‘While she was sleeping with her mom her dad slid in behind her and started trying to touch her inappropriately … and she slid forward against her mom’s back.’
Another friend, Maegan Swan, described Kailee’s relationship with Ronald as that of two friends, rather than a parent and a child, and said that they were drinking buddies.

Swan also repeated the same story about how Ronald allegedly slapped Kailee in the face during a heated exchange, how her nurse mom allegedly pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him if he touched her daughter again, and how the dad later slipped into their bed and allegedly fondled the 22-year-old.

She also said she does not think Ronald killed Kailee.
In his opening statement on Tuesday, defense attorney Michael Johnson said the woman shot herself and that gunshot residue on her hand supports that theory.
‘Ronald McMullen had no gunshot residue on his hand, not one speck,’ Johnson said.
Prosecutor Jacobi Whatley disputed that theory, saying that evidence presented at trial will demonstrate that ‘Kailee did not fire that gun at herself.’
A Norman police officer testified that Ronald McMullen moved his daughter’s body from the kitchen to the living room and called his wife, Karen, telling her, ‘Kailee’s been shot,’ before calling 911.
Norman police Lt. Chris Vinson says he was immediately suspicious that Ronald McMullen was involved, in part because he was drenched in his daughter’s blood and let his wife answer questions for him.

Murder defendant Ronald Lee McMullen physically and sexually assaulted his daughter a few months before her death, multiple witnesses testified Wednesday.  Listen to Audio below

Johnson countered by saying that there was blood on his client because he was standing close to Kailee when she shot herself.
According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed on July 6, 2017, a day after Ronald’s arrest on murder charges, police arrived at the home on the 1700 block of Abe Martin Drive, to find McMullen’s wife, Karen Hooker McMullan, giving the young woman CPR.

Kailee’s body was in the home’s entryway, and a blood-splattered .357 revolver was found on a side table.
Her father was also covered in blood, and stared blankly when the police asked what happened, cops claim.
When police ventured further into the home they found that McMullen had been trying to mop up blood in the home’s kitchen, the affidavit said.
And when they tried to take pictures of the blood-drenched dad he attempted to wipe it off himself with a towel despite repeated demands that he stop, it alleged.
The towel was snatched away from McMullen, who then tried to use his hands until he was physically restrained, the report said.

After the photos were taken, McMullen’s behavior reached bizarre extremes, as the man allegedly went to the entryway of the home, which borders a grassy front lawn, and ‘lay down in the dirt,’
He then ‘began covering himself in dirt while rubbing the shoes he was wearing on the concrete entryway,’ the affidavit claimed.
Kailee graduated from Norman High School in 2013 where she was a Varsity cheerleading captain, before attending Bible college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was working as an EMT and at a plasma donation clinic in Norman when she was killed.

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