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Boomerang! Retired Navy captain, 65, is left paralyzed after ‘plot to murder his ex-wife backfires when his stepdaughter shoots him as he attacked them with a wrench’ – Judge denied Henry Frank Herbig bond, even in a wheelchair

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Florida man’s murder plot against wife, across state lines, backfires after he’s left paralyzed in the attack
Retired Navy captain, 65, is left paralyzed after ‘plot to murder his ex-wife backfired when his stepdaughter shot him as he attacked them with a wrench’
Henry Frank Herbig, 65, from Florida allegedly had plans to murder his ex-wife at her home in Virginia beach on Sept 8
He allegedly attacked his wife and stepdaughter and severely injured both women, before being shot by one of the victims
The bullet ended up in his spine paralyzing him and authorities have deemed her actions to be self-defense –
The vet is charged with aggravated malicious wounding and breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony
Paralyzed or not prosecutors said, Herbig is “dangerous”, with his connections and resources,  could still be a flight risk 
A judge denied him bond Friday, deciding to keep the paralyzed man behind bars

An attempt by a retired Navy officer from Florida, to murder his ex-wife has landed him in jail sitting in a wheel chair.
Unfortunately for Henry Frank Herbig, who is a retired Navy captain, his plans to travel hundreds of miles from Florida to Virginia to kill his estranged wife backfired. He drove up to Virginia Beach and severely beat her up along with her adult daughter with a large wrench. He ended up paralyzed when he was shot by one of the victims in an act authorities have deemed ‘self defense’.
Herbig, 65, 
has been charged with aggravated malicious wounding and breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony.
Prosecutors said Herbig broke into the home of his estranged wife in Virginia Beach on September 8 and assaulted her and her 31-year-old daughter with a wrench. However, te tables were turned when his stepdaughter ended up shooting him in the spine during the attack, leaving him paralyzed, according to WGNT.

The charge sheet state that Herbig first attacked his stepdaughter with the wrench when she was letting her dog out in the backyard. He then forced his way into the home and attacked his estranged wife.
Herbig’s wife of 25 years, Donna Vance-Herbig, died in 2008 after a long battle with breast cancer. The victim was Herbig’s second wife. The couple had been married for ten years.
Prosecutors say if the stepdaughter hadn’t shot Herbig, he may have been able to carry out his plan. Both women reportedly, were seriously hurt.
‘She’s on the mend, but her injuries were extensive,’ said Autumn Blackledge a Florida attorney representing the wife. ‘It’s tremendously unfortunate,’ she told the Virginian Pilot,


On Wednesday, a Virginia judge denied bond to Herbig, who appeared in court via video conference from his jail hospital bed.
Investigators say they found a journal in Herbig’s car that detailed his plans to commit the murder. Police  say he had a lengthy list in his car that mentioned all the actions he took and planned to take in order to kill his wife.
Some of the items listed included using several different cars to make the trip from Florida to Virginia, bringing gas cans with him so he wouldn’t need to buy any, having multiple cell phones so he couldn’t be traced and not using any credit cards during the trip.
Herbig also brought disguises, a bag with garbage bags, duct tape, zip ties and several weapons including a wooden baton, a firearm and a large wrench, police said.

Although he can’t walk, they said he still poses a danger. He has no prior criminal record, according to his court file.
Herbig’s retired from the military in 2012 after serving 30 years in the Navy.
During his time in the service he received several awards and decorations during that time.
His mugshot shows him lying in bed with a brace around his neck.
His defense attorney has argued that jail staff are unable to provide proper care for Herbig and that he should be released on bond, so they could move him to a nursing facility.
A doctor noted that he is unable to move anything below his waist and has limited use of his arms. He is also unable to feed himself.
Prosecutors argued that even though Herbig cannot make a fist and will not ever be able to walk again, he is still a danger to the community.
Denying he bond request Judge Cheshire Eveleigh, told the defense she would reconsider if they’re able to find a secure treatment facility for Herbig.

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