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Strip club manager, Michael Hosang, 54, indicted for brutally raping two women inside his New York home

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In the most recent attack, described by Ryan as “vile and unconscionable,” suspect Michael Hosang on May 30 punched out the victim, fracturing her cheekbone, then put her in a chokehold and raped her over the course of six terrifying hours inside his home in Queens, New York.

She broke free at one point, but he dragged her back to his upstairs bedroom, where he tied her legs with cord and handcuffed her wrists to the wall so he could continue the sexual assault, Ryan said.

Naked and battered, the 29-year-old woman eventually pulled free from the handcuffs and escaped by jumping from a second floor window of his New York apartment.
Hosang drove off in his red Chevrolet pickup truck but the victim knew the suspect, giving police the lead they needed.

Hosang, who according to one of his Facebook pages at the time was managing Hoops, a topless sports bar, and Vivid Cabaret NYC, a strip club, fled to Washington state, where he was busted on June 20.

He was taken back to Queens on Oct. 4, arraigned on charges including predatory sexual assault, rape and kidnapping, and ordered held without bail.

Michael Hosang 2Hosang is also facing charges for raping a 38-year-old woman in Sept. 2017

The first rape took place on Sept. 29, 2017. The incident started in New Jersey, after Hosang allegedly hounded a woman to attend a party with him, then allegedly attacked her when she got into his car. He punched her out and drove her to his home, where he dragged her inside and raped her, prosecutors said.
Ryan said the 38-year-old woman managed to break free, run into a closet and use her phone to call 911. The battery was dead, Ryan said, but she convinced Hosang the call went through and he let her leave.

“What these women endured was horrendous,” Ryan said. “He will be held accountable for the terror he (rained) on these two women. If convicted, the defendant could spend decades in prison



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