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Church youth group leader in Brazil, 32, charged for keeping ‘at least 240 women as sexual slaves,’ – Roney Schelb forced victims ‘to sign Fifty Shades Of Grey contracts, and blackmailed others into sex with strangers and animals’ police said

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Church youth group leader in southeastern Brazil  accused of  duping women ‘into signing Fifty Shades Of Grey contracts, leading to blackmail, rape and human trafficking’
Roney Schelb is accused of sexually exploiting at least 240 women during a four-year period across 11 states in Brazil
The perv targeted some of his victims on social media and at church youth groups and allegedly forced some of them into sex with men and animals
Schelb, 32, would then approach the women, promising to pay for nudes, sexy photographs and videos
In return he would dupe his victims by paying with fake bank transfer receipts – worse,  after he got the first images, the blackmail scheme began
At least eight of the victims were minors, some are teenagers while others were young and middle-aged women, according to the police  
Schelb, a salesman, typically promised victims he would pay between $970 to $2,400 for nude videos and pictures, the Minais Gerais Civil Police said
He allegedly forced some of his victims to sign contracts similar to the one which appeared in erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey
After receiving the footage, he blackmailed the women by threatening to reveal it to their friends and family members to buy silence and ensure further compliance
He allegedly forced some of his victims to meet in person, where he raped them, others, he coerced into having sex with other men or animals, and sending him video footage
Roney Schelb 1Church youth leader Roney Schelb [photo], is suspected of forcing at least 240 women into sex slave work throughout Brazil, and offered to pay up to $2,400 for nude videos and photos which he then used a leverage to extort his victims  in multiple cities across 11 states in Brazil

A church youth group leader who allegedly blackmailed at least 240 women into being his slaves, forcing some of them to have sex with strangers and animals, has been arrested in southeastern Brazil.
Roney Schelb chose his victims on social networks and church events.
He approached the women, promised to pay for nudes – sexy pictures and videos, then duped them by sending fake bank transfer receipts.
Worse, after he got the first images, he embarked on a campaign of blackmail to ensure silence and further compliance, police said.
Schelb, 32, who worked as a sales representative and as well as volunteering at a church in Muriaé, a city in the state of Minas Gerais, the Minais Gerais Civil Police said, abused the women during a four-year period across 11 states.
Lead investigator Magno Machado Nogueira said Schelb came into contact with his victims by creating several fake social media and WhatsApp profiles, and offered to pay them between $970 to $2,400 for intimate videos and pictures.
But Schelb allegedly provided them with fake bank wire transfer receipts, and after receiving the nude images, he blackmailed the women by threatening to reveal the footage to their friends and family members.

Investigators also alleged that he would blackmail victims into sending him more videos and photographs, with one victim saying he demanded more than twenty a day.
He allegedly forced some of his victims to meet in person, where he raped them. Victims who lived further away, he coerced into having sex with other men or animals, and sending him the video footage.
Police say he forced some of his victims to sign sex contracts, similar to one found in erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, which stated they would allow him to do whatever he wanted to them. The contracts also said he could hit the women as hard as he pleased.
Police discovered documents detailing all of his victims’ information as well as a laptop, tablet, and sex costumes.
As of Monday, investigators were still going through a log of at least 1,600 contacts that he made with the women over the phone.

Police spent nearly a month investigating Schelb after a woman came forward and filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police Station.
A subsequent search by cops executing a search warrant against Schelb’s home in the Brazilian southeastern city of Belo Horizante uncovered cellphones, a laptop and tablet, as well as sex costumes.
The blackmail and duplicity was quite elaborate.

Investigators found a consenting slavery contract – with elements reminiscent of the film contract – at the suspect’s house. The document, signed by one of the victims, says she would have to do whatever he wanted, without limits.

Among the damaging evidence police recovered from the search of Schelb’s home were the waivers to be signed by victims which states: “I want to surrender completely as a slave to you. I want you to use me the way you want it anyway. ”
“I am willing to do everything you send me. And to comply with the punishments if I disobey you. I will be your slave forever. ”
Roney’s contract stipulated that women allow him to strike them as hard as he pleased at any time. “It is a legal aberration, there is no practical, legal basis for him to force a person to sign this type of contract. It’s something that doesn’t exist in the legal world, ”says the delegate.
Schelb has not admitted guilt. He has denied the accusations as he claims: “When you talk about rape, you imagine acts of violence or something. I never did any of that, I’m innocent,” he said.

One victim said Schelb knew of the place of her employment and her employer, as well as her mother’s name and the church she belonged to. 

‘So, he just knew about everything,’ the woman said. ‘He was talking to people who were going to kill our family.’
Roney was a leader in a Charismatic Renewal youth group at a Catholic church in Muriaé, in the Zona da Mata Mineira. However, according to the Civil Police investigation, all this religiosity was part of an elaborate front he created, just one of the characters – And he would have created several.
The others had first names, last names and even profiles on social networks. Which, according to the investigators, were created so that he could fool and rape women.
He controlled five fake profiles on social networks and messaging apps. The victim believed she was talking to several people, but in fact all the messages were written by Roney.
“We thought it was a gang, a prostitution promotion organization, and the person acted alone,” explains the delegate.

In a talk to the youth of the church, he even quoted the book “Fifty Shades of Gray.” In the story, a millionaire draws up a submission contract with a woman.
‘He was a sadistic citizen who committed a large number of crimes. Crimes against the sexual dignity of women. Crimes against humanity,’ Machado Nogueira said, according to Brazilian outlet G1.
‘Since he made these slave women, in the most cowardly and frightening way we ever heard.’

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