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Florida mom ‘groomed boyfriend’s teenage son for sex!’ – Socialite, Valerie Esposito, 37, who organized fundraisers for victims of child abuse is accused of grooming her beau’s 16-year-old son to be her lover when he wasn’t around and having sex with him in her home, garage, and car at least ’25 times’

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Socialite from conservative Florida town,  who organized fundraisers for victims of child abuse is accused of grooming her boyfriend’s 16-year-old son to be her lover
The victim estimates he and Valerie Esposito had sex in her home, garage, and car at least ’25 times’, which expanded to include anal sex
Valerie Esposito of Vero Beach, Florida  has been charged with four felony counts of child sex
Esposito, 37, was charged with sexual battery on a child and solicitation of a child, last Tuesday 
The mother-of-one is accused of grooming the teen and having a sexual relationship with him over a period of 15 months  
The father of the victim who ended their seven year relationship last month, labeled Esposito of being a ‘predator’, alleging she was struggling with sex addiction
The victim, now 17, told police their trysts began in July 2018, after Esposito rubbed her buttocks against his genital area, while doing dishes in the kitchen, before performing oral sex 
A few days later, the boy claimed, Esposito came home from work and matter-of-factly asked him if he wanted to have sex
‘I’m 16 and my stepmom is asking me if I want to have sex, I’m like, sure,’ and they proceeded to have intercourse in the garage
Intercourse with Esposito ceased only when she broke up with his dad and moved out of their home with her 12-year-old son
Esposito, who is being held on $325,000 bond, was recently awarded ‘volunteer of the year’ by the local chamber of commerce

The boy told police last week that, sometime in July 2018 after he turned 16, he walked passed by Esposito while she was washing dishes in the kitchen one afternoon.
She allegedly ‘backed into his genital area with her buttocks’ and brazenly began to rub against him and told him not to tell his dad, the report states.
According to the boy’s statement to police, he let her continue rubbing. She eventually pulled down his shorts, and performed oral sex on the teenager. She then inquired if he would return the favor by inviting him to perform oral sex on her, but he declined.
A few days later, the boy said, Esposito came home from work and matter-of-factly asked him if he wanted to have sex: “I’m 16 and my stepmom is asking me if I want to have sex, I’m like, sure,” he told investigators.
Esposito undressed the boy and herself from the waist down, and they had vaginal sex against the washer-dryer in the garage, he said.
On another occasion, the boy said he was sitting on the couch at Esposito’s home when she returned from work one day and allegedly asked, ‘Do you want me to suck you d**k?’ the report states.
In all, the boy estimated he had intercourse with Esposito at least 25 times until she broke up with his dad and moved out of their home with her 12-year-old son.
The pair’s sexcapades eventually graduated to anal on the living room couch and in the back seat of her black Nissan Murano parked near a family pizza restaurant, the report reads.

The boy said he and Esposito often arranged for their trysts through text messages.
Police discovered a video on his cellphone believed to be Esposito masturbating. The teen told cops she sent him several suggestive videos and photos.
In time, the boy said he started feeling distant from his father and became ‘afraid to tell him what was happening because he didn’t want to lose him.’
He did admit to police he initiated several of the sexual encounters even if Esposito ‘initiated the majority of them.’
The boy’s father reported Esposito to police October 7 after his son was shot in the hand while firing guns on cans with his friends and ended up at the hospital. While in the emergency room, the father dad started browsing through his son’s cellphone, leading to the discovery of  the text messages and photos the suspect sent his son.

When father and son sat down with police for interviews, police had the dad call his ex on a recorded line, demanding they discuss the fact the fact she had sex with his underage son.
She denied having sex with the boy but told the father: ‘It’s a situation that’s over with. I don’t need to talk about it any longer.’
The victim’s father alleges that Esposito had been struggling with a sex addiction.  

‘We were supposed to get married in September 2018,’ he said, ‘but we called it off.’
The 47-year-old man said he and Esposito broke up a month ago after he discovered she was cheating on him with another man.
‘And there was another guy before that,’ he said.
Stating that he does not believe  his son shares any responsibility in the relationship, the father revealed the ex stated that ex had described the  sex as  “a crime of opportunity”. “My son was there, and she just wanted to have sex.
“He’s is a child,” he said. ‘
He believes his son was under the influence of a predator who should be in prison for the maximum time allowed. “I don’t care how long that is,” he said.
“She is broken inside and now my son could end up like her. I’m seeking counseling for him. He needs to know that’s not how people behave toward each other. That’s not how you treat women, and how he should be treated.”
Word of Esposito’s arrest has spread like wildfire in the Vero Beach community, where just a week earlier Esposito shared photos on Facebook from a fancy fundraiser for a child abuse organization that she worked on, where she was hobnobbing with local notables including politicians such as Florida State Rep. Erin Grall and law enforcement officials including Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Major Eric Flowers.

In September, she posted photos of her Volunteer of The Year certificate, courtesy of the local chamber of commerce.
Earlier this year, she published photos of her son’s sixth grade trip to Cape Canaveral that she chaperoned along with an extensive gallery of photos of their lives with the victim’s family. – “The worst is that police are telling me she still doesn’t think she did anything wrong,” the aggrieved victim’s dad said.


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