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Cops seek two ‘persons of interest’ in the murders of New Hampshire couple who were found on Texas beach – Man and woman are seen driving the victims’ RV and truck across border into Mexico, days after they stopped communicating

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Two ‘persons of interest’ in the murders of New Hampshire couple found dead on a Texas beach
James and Michelle Butler were found dead in Corpus Christi over the weekend – They had not been heard from since Oct 16, when contact with their loved ones suddenly ceased
The couple had been living out of an RV and truck as they traveled the country, picking up jobs along the way were heading south to Florida sell Christmas trees for the season 
Their pickup truck and RV were driven across the Mexico border on October 20 and 21
The tattooed, blonde male suspect and a female companion are seen on surveillance video driving the victims’ RV and truck into Mexico, five days after anyone heard from the Butlers
Police said the occupants of the truck were neither James or Michelle Butler
Members of the public with relevant info advised to call 361-595-8500, 361-592-4636, OR email tips to 
Suspect in murder of James and Michelle Butler 1Suspects: In this surveillance footage still image that was released by police on Monday, the male and female persons of interest are shown in the Butler’s truck, crossing the border from the US into Mexico, on Oct 20 

After a couple from New Hampshire, travelling he country in their RV is mysteriously murdered on Texas beach during their road trip, police are now seeking help from the public in identifying a pair of suspects and say they want to speak to them. 

Police released a photograph of a man and a woman described as persons of interest in the murders of James and Michelle Butler whose bodies were found in a shallow grave on a Texas beach in Corpus Christi. The ‘persons of interest’ were caught by surveillance cameras, driving the victims’ RV and truck over the Mexican border days after loved ones last heard from the Butlers.
The Butlers a family member said, were making their way to Florida to sell Christmas trees for the season when they suddenly stopped communicating with family on October 16.
Over the weekend, two bodies which were found in a shallow beach grave in Corpus Christi, Texas, were confirmed as theirs. Police have not shared any details of their injuries but the pair had been dead for several days if not weeks by the time they were found.

James Butler and Michelle Butler 9The New Hampshire couple who married in 2015 were travelling the country in their RV and were headed to Florida when they stopped communicating with friends and family
Authorities have made much progress identifying either suspects or motive. On Monday, however, they released a still from surveillance footage of an unnamed man and woman driving the Butlers’ vehicle over the border, into Mexico, on October 21.
Anyone who recognizes the pair is asked to call 361-595-8500 or 361-592-4636. Alternatively, they can email tips to
The man has fair hair and large, ear piercings known as gauges. Both he and his female companion, whose face is not visible in the shot, have ‘distinctive’ tattoos.
Authorities say they are eager to speak to pair about how they came into possession of the couple’s truck.
‘I don’t know if they were too trusting, people seek them out because they’re friendly.

‘It’s an area that many people don’t know each other, come together because someone will start up a BBQ or spark up a fire.

James Butler and Michelle Butler 10The couple’s truck and RV, which they were living out of, was seen crossing the border into Mexico on October 20th and 21st. A man and a woman were in the vehicles but neither was James or Michelle Butler.
The vehicles were spotted five days after family and friends last heard from them

‘What we really need is some connotation to put the individuals into context,’  said Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick.
He added that police had been in contact with the Mexican authorities but it is unclear yet if they are cooperating with inquiries.
Now police are exploring the possibility that the couple were killed inside the trailer, though they have not yet suggested any possible motive yet.
‘It’s not very often we have a mobile crime scene if the crime was committed say in the trailer,’ John Matthews of Community Safety Initiative told CBS.
The sheriff’s office has not released any other information.
James and Michelle were seasonal workers who traveled the country, picking up work where they could.
Most recently, they had worked on an oil rig.
They were heading south to Florida to escape the winter cold in New Hampshire and sell Christmas trees.
The pair kept family and friends updated with their whereabouts through Facebook posts.

James Butler and Michelle Butler 4James and Michelle Butler were found dead in Corpus Christi over the weekend

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