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New York man decapitates wife, 42, ‘puts her head in her lap’ and slits their five-year-old daughter’s throat before hanging himself in grisly double murder-suicide – Tragic end for humanitarian aid worker, Jennifer Schlecht, amid divorce battle

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Family of three – husband, wife, and their five-year-old daughter found dead in gruesome double homicide-murder in Harlem, New York on Wednesday night
Police found wife, 42- year-old humanitarian aid worker Jennifer Schlecht, decapitated with her head placed in her lap’ and couples’ five-year-old daughter Abaynesh Schlecht Tedla with her throat slit and head almost severed
Police said 46-year-old Yonathan Tedla beheaded his wife, killed their daughter and hanged himself in a grisly double murder-suicide inside their home in Harlem before hanging himself in grisly double murder-suicide amid divorce battle
Schlecht and Tedla were going through divorce and were due in court for a hearing just hours before the slayings – the husband threatened her saying “he was not going to lose,” according to her dad 
Police made the grisly discovery Wednesday night, making a welfare check on the family, after Schlecht’s brother called them when he failed to reach his sister by phone 
Tedla reportedly killed Schlecht on the day she was set to serve him with a protection order
Schlecht who served as senior adviser for emergency preparedness and response with the organization, Family Planning 2020, had spent 15 years fighting to protect women and girls in poor, war-torn countries

Her daughter suffered a cut so deep to her neck that she was partially beheaded.
Tedla himself was found hanging from a rope tied to a bedroom door.
Jennifer’s father Kenneth Schlecht revealed that his son-in-law had threatened his daughter: “He said he was not going to lose, that he always wins,”
Schlecht reportedly called her father in tears on Sunday over the husband’s threats, the dad said.
“She didn’t know if he would carry on with the threats,” Kenneth Schlecht said.

Jennifer Schlecht 3.JPGJennifer Schlecht a career humanitarian who spent her life fighting to protect women and girls in poor, war-torn countries, ironically perished in her own home along with her daughter, a victim of domestic violence

Courtesy ABC 7 NY 
She added,  ‘Most recently, she has been a vital part of the FP2020 family at the United Nations Foundation.

She was a leader in the field of family planning and humanitarian response, and chose to work from New York so she could have more time with her darling daughter,’ Schlachter said.
‘She delighted in telling us about her daughter’s first day of kindergarten and the clothes she picked out all by herself. In addition to being an adoring mother, her contribution to the lives of women and girls who are living in crisis situations has been extraordinary.
‘That she should die under such brutal circumstances is beyond understanding. But we will all remember her for her life – and the thousands of lives she enriched – rather than the horrible way she died. We are utterly devastated.’ 

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