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Fugitive Marine, Michael Alexander Brown, who ‘shot dead his stepfather after discovering he wasn’t his real dad’ arrested in his mother’s Virginia home after six weeks on the run

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Marine deserter who ‘shot dead his stepfather after discovering he wasn’t his real dad’ is finally arrested in his mother’s house after six weeks of evading the law
Michael Alexander Brown, 22, was arrested at his mother Vanessa Hanson’s house in Hardy, in Virginia’s Franklin County
He was taken into custody in his mother’s house at 8am Wednesday, without incident
Vanessa Hanson notified police when her son killed her husband, but it is not known how long he hid out in her home as a fugitive
It is unclear if she will face charges 
Brown had been on the run since October 19 when he allegedly shot and killed his stepfather, Rodney Brown
Neighbors say he had just found out the older Brown was not his biological father, as he had believed his whole life, around the time of murder
Michael had deserted his post at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina a day earlier 
The Marine who was considered armed and dangerous, evaded police for weeks, even after they found his RV in a church parking lot, until Nov 27, when he was taken into custody

A marine deserter suspected of killing his stepfather after learning he was not his real father has finally been arrested after six weeks on the run during which he sent panic through small towns and shuttered schools.
Michael Alexander Brown was arrested at his mother Vanessa Hanson’s house in Hardy, Virginia, on Wednesday at 8am.
It is unclear how long he had been there, or whether or not she called the police. Authorities will not say whether or not she is a suspect.
22-year-old Michael Brown, reportedly killed his mom’s live-in boyfriend Rodney Brown inside the couple’s house in the Hardy community of Franklin County, Virginia on Saturday, reported wsls.
54-year-old Rodney Brown, who was found shot dead in his home on October 19. The younger Brown, a combat engineer had deserted his post in North Carolina a day before his stepfather’s body was discovered.

For six weeks, he evaded police in an RV and in a black town car. A sighting of him earlier this month sent panic through the town of Roanoke where residents stayed indoors and schools were closed in fear of the ‘heavily armed’ fighter.
On Wednesday morning, US Marshals in Virginia announced they had arrested Brown without incident but they refused to give additional details.
‘This has been an intense manhunt covering three states. I am thankful this situation has come to a successful closure without no injury to the public and law enforcement,’ Sheriff Bill Overton, Jr.  said at a press conference.
His mother Vanessa had appeared on air with a plea for him to come home safely.
A lawyer who has been hired for Michael by his family and friends said they were relieved he had been found alive.

Vanessa Hanson 1.JPG
Michael Brown was arrested in his mother Vanessa’s house in Virginia. She is shown during an interview last week pleading for his safe return – She notified authorities when Brown shot his stepfather on October 19

Police will not say if Vanessa Hanson is a suspect. She notified authorities when Brown shot his stepfather on October 19.

It brings an end to a six-week long escapade which began when he deserted his post at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.
Brown is suspected of traveling from there to Hardy, where his stepfather lived, and shooting him dead.
Neighbors have since said that he had just been told Brown was not his biological father, something he had grown up thinking.
After allegedly shooting him, he made contact with his grandmother and fled.
It is unclear where he spent the next six weeks.

Michael Alexander Brown was wanted on a second degree murder charge and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.
On November 14, he was spotted in Roanoke. Police found his RV in a church parking lot and rammed it, causing it to fall apart, but he was not inside.
Meanwhile his mother Vanessa Hanson went on air pleading for him to hand himself on November 15.
‘Michael, if you see this, please turn yourself in. I’m scared for you. I love you, baby.

Michael Alexander Brown's RV 3The fugitive killer had been traveling in an RV which discovered parked inside a church parking lot in Roanoke, Virginia, last week. Cops rammed it with an army truck [photo], on Nov 14 but Brown was not inside

Diane also pleaded with him: ‘We still care about you. Nobody wants you hurt.
‘We’ve been speaking with the authorities for a week and they’re willing to do anything to get you in safe. And they’re working with us and we trust them on this. Please, turn yourself in.
‘Nobody wants to see you die, also.’
Vanessa witnessed her soon shooting dead his stepfather and phoned the police after he fled.

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