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Married female teacher, 30, who reportedly slept with FIVE pupils in six years, at elite South African private school quits her job – Fiona Viotti targeted boys above age of consent, faces no legal action

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Married female teacher, 30, slept with five male students between 2013 and 2019, at elite private school in Cape Town, South African, investigators said 
Fiona Viotti, 30, quit her job as a history teacher at Bishops Diocesan College in October before claims by student that he had been in sexual relationship with her went public
18-year-old student claimed he had been involved in an ‘intense’ sexual relationship with [Viotti], saying she became controlling when he tried to end it
School called in investigators who found four more boys who had slept with Viotti who was also the school’s water polo coach 
Report said trysts were carried out between 2013 and 2019, before and after she married venture capitalist husband Pavo Viotti, 32 
The disgraced teacher targeted students above the age of consent, 18, – she is adjudged to have broken no laws
Viotti will face no action from school having resigned before the conclusion of the investigation, but could be sued by pupils  
Fiona Viotti and her husband Pavo Viotti 4.JPGFiona Viotti, [left], who is married to venture capitalist Pavo Viotti [right], a former history teacher at elite Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town, had sex with at least five pupils over six years, investigators have said at the school where her dad is also a faculty member

A married history teacher slept with at least five pupils at one of South Africa’s most elite schools, an investigation has revealed.
Fiona Viotti, 30, who is the niece of former South African national rugby coach Nick Mallett slept with the boys at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town between 2013 and 2019, investigators said.
The school called in lawyers to investigate Viotti after an 18-year-old student claimed he had been involved in an ‘intense’ sexual relationship with her, saying she became controlling when he tried to end it.
Former model, Fiona Viotti, who was a water polo star as a teenager, also coached the water polo team. She resigned abruptly in October just days before the allegations were made public.

The affairs took place both before and after she married 32-year-old venture capitalist Pavo Viotti in 2018, according to local sources .
Fiona allegedly, filmed explicit videos of herself which were circulated within the school and online, but investigators failed to determine the initial recipient of the footage.
The explicit video of a nude woman on a bed has been loaded on to a well-known, free pornographic website citing the name of Fiona Viotti, 30, the Bishops Diocesan College water polo coach.
Various explicit videos and pictures of a woman many claim to be Viotti had made the rounds on social media and WhatsApp soon as the story broke October.
The probe found that she breached school codes and the code of ethics laid down by the SA Council of Educators, likely meaning she will never teach again.
However, she will not face any disciplinary action from the school since she has already resigned, local media reported.
The report cleared other school officials of wrongdoing, saying there is no evidence they knew of her behavior.
Although the disgraced teacher is not alleged to have broken any laws, Viotti could still face civil lawsuits by families of the boys who were affected. Ms
She has not spoken publicly since news of the scandal broke, and also refused to comment to investigators. With her attorney William Booth stating that she is currently receiving psychiatric help.
Her disaffected husband, Pavo Viotti, reportedly, has separated from Fiona and has not  commented either.
The scandal came to light in October when an 18-year-old sixth form pupil claimed to have been involved in an ‘intense’ sexual relationship with his teacher.

No action will be taken against Viotti by the school since she has already quit, but she faces possible civil suits by parents of the pupils involved. She is not alleged to have broken the lawFiona wedded Pavo Viotti in 2018 [photo], but the claimant says when he tried to end their ‘intense sexual affair’ she refused to accept it and pestered him to carry it on

He claimed that when he tried to end the affair she refused to accept it and pestered him to carry it on.
The teenager then informed his parents, who called in a lawyer.
One of the boy’s parents told IOL website: ‘He was a willing participant in the beginning but became a victim when he couldn’t get out of it.
‘The teacher started texting him to come to her house on the campus and that’s how it started but it got to the stage where he had had enough.
‘But the teacher wouldn’t let him go and he went to his parents for help and they went to the headmaster.’

Headmaster Guy Pearson said: ‘The school will consider all the findings and recommendations made by the investigators to ensure we continue to make Bishops a safe environment for all our pupils and teachers.
‘As a school we are deeply saddened by these events and remain committed to ensuring the mental health and well being of those affected and no further details of the findings will be made available’.
The school also revealed that it has made a team of psychologists and psychiatrists available to any boy or family member that may have been affected by the events surrounding the disgraced teacher.

her dad Dave Mallett is also a history teacher at the same Christian church school and coaches the rugby first team.
Her grandfather Anthony Mallet was a former headmaster at the same school.
Bishop’s Diocesan College is a private school founded in 1849 by Bishop Robert Gray to teach Christian values and educate the sons of colonialists in Cape Town and costs £15,000 a year to attend.
Former pupils include astronaut Mark Shuttleworth and South African cricket star Herschelle Gibbs.

The former model, and teen water polo star was one of the ‘Beauties of Sport’ featured in Sports Illustrated in 2009 – a year after she met her future husband.
The couple met in 2008 while backpacking in Vail, Colorado, were married ten years later in September 2018. By all accounts seemed the perfect couple, planning a family together, until the church school sex scandal hit the news.

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