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Teachers in NYC counter-sue White principal who banned Black History Month lessons, then sued after she was demoted following reports of her ‘racism’ – Patricia Catania has likened herself to Mahatma Gandhi, ‘maligned’ by minority teachers

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A former NYC school head, Patricia Catania, has sued some of the school’s teachers, charging that they waged a “racist campaign” to oust her as she disciplined struggling teachers
Catania who is White was the former principal at Bronx Intermediate School 224, was accused of racism by her staff and students in February of 2018
Language Arts teacher Mercedes Liriano said Catania ordered her not to teach black history to her students, most of whom are Black, during Black History Month  
Her students said Catania also confiscated their Black History Month projects after the city board of education launched an investigation into the matter
Catania’s last day at IS 224 was June 6, when she took a new role as assistant principal at Health Opportunities High School in the Bronx along with a pay cut
Reacting to the board decision, Catania sued the affected teachers and the teachers union, alleging they were using allegations of racism as a ruse to get her replaced by a black principal
In her court filing Catania who likened herself to Mahatma Ghandi, is suggesting the complainants  were off base calling her racist
The teachers have since filed a counter suit, alleging  the former principal has discriminated against them
‘She tried to spin the whole thing as if we were the racists, when she was the racist one’ says Liriano
Patricia Catania 1Former middle school principal Patricia Catania [photo], believes her demotion and posting away from IS 224 in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, is an orchestrated campaign by minority teachers who she’s accused her of racism. she was removed in the wake of the controversy she stirred when she banned a Black History assignment at the middle school in 2018 
A former New York  public school principal who banned a Black History Month assignment is engaged in a back-and-forth legal battle with her teachers as both sides accuse each other of racism. 
Teachers have launched legal action against Patricia Catania, the former principal of IS 224 in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, in the latest turn of what has become an ugly, almost two-year-squabble.
Catania, who is white, had filed a lawsuit against the teachers, suggesting they were off base calling her racist, and were really mounting a coup to replace her with a black principal at IS 224.
Now, a counter-suit filed this month by the targeted teachers and the teachers union claims their former school head discriminated against them.

IS 224 Middle  Schooll in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, NYC 1.JPGMultiple teachers at IS 224 [photo], accused Catania of making racist comments about black teachers, including telling peer administrators that black teachers are less knowledgeable of the subjects they teach than teachers of other races and that they were only useful for keeping students in line during classes

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