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Groom, 30, is beaten to death with baseball bats at his reception by pair of uninvited brothers who ‘crashed’ the wedding party, as he tried to protect guests

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Groom bludgeoned to death by complete strangers who crashed his wedding party on Sunday in Chino, California
California the groom, Joe Melgoza,was beaten to death with baseball bats at his reception by two brothers who turned up, uninvited, as he tried to protect guests
Melgoza, 30, was killed early Sunday, just hours after marrying his fiancée, Esther
Rony Castaneda Ramirez, 28, and his 19-year-old brother, Josue Castaneda Ramirez, have been charged with murder and held without bail on suspicion of murder
The wedding crashing brothers lived near the wedding reception venue, were not family and did not know the groom, arrived without an invitation 
Melgoza’s brother says the groom confronted the wedding crashers after they got into a fight with some guests 
Castaneda Ramirez brothers allegedly left, then returned with baseball bats and dragged Melgoza out and attacked him on a neighboring property 
Melgoza who has been described as a father figure for his siblings, leaves behind his newlywed wife and his 11-year-old daughter, of whom he had full custody  

Based on information obtained from witnesses, police identified the suspects in the groom’s brutal killing as brothers Rony Aristides Castaneda Ramirez, 28, and 19-year-old Josue Daniel Castaneda Ramirez.
Investigators from the Chino Police Department said the killer siblings who did not know Melgoza, but lived not far from the home of his sister-in-law in the 13200 block of 17th Street where the wedding reception was being held, showed up at the celebration uninvited, reported KTLA5.
The wedding crashers allegedly started a fight with some of the guests and were asked to leave, which they did, only to return a short time later armed with baseball bats, according to Melgoza’s brother Andy Velasquez.
A sobbing Velasquez told NBC Los Angeles that his brother tried to confront the ‘cowards,’ who then pulled him away and killed him.
Two of the guests had sustained minor injuries in the earlier confrontation with the Castaneda Ramirez brothers.

Video recorded at the reception and shared with NBC shows a beaming Melgoza dancing with his beautiful bride and raising a glass with his guests, not knowing at the time the horror ahead.
‘Joe was a loving son, brother, father, cousin, partner, family member and friend,’ reads the description of a GoFundMe campaign. ‘He always had a way to make you smile. He was there for you at anytime to give a helping hand. He was taken from us in such a tragic and horrific way’. The fund, so far, has raised nearly $11,000 of the target $20,000.
The Castaneda siblings are being held without bail on suspicion of murder and scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.


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