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‘Cult Mom’ Lori Vallow, mother of two children missing since September, extradited to Idaho to face felony charges of child abandonment

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Court in Hawaii court Wednesday ordered fugitive mother to be extradited to Idaho  to face charges over her two children who have been missing for six months
A smiling Lori Vallow was in court on the island of Kauai, where a prosecutor told a judge that Idaho authorities would be returning her to the state later Wednesday
Vallow, 46, was arrested last month in Hawaii on Idaho felony charges of child abandonment 
Her children, seven-year-old Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan have not been seen since September 
Police in the city of Rexburg, Idaho, have said they ‘strongly believe that Joshua and Tylee’s lives are in danger’ 
Vallow an her current husband Doom’s Day author Chad Daybell, insist the children are safe but have not revealed their whereabouts
Vallow who fled jurisdiction two months ago is being held on $5million bail, and her first court appearance in Idaho is Friday 
Vallow faces two felony counts of child abandonment, obstruction, solicitation to commit a crime and contempt of court
On Wednesday’s hearing she only smiled, crossed her arms, while she evoked her Fifth Amendment rights
Her attorney also requested that she isn’t to be questioned during her extradition

Lori Vallow 4

Vallow was arrested in Hawaii in February in connection with their unknown whereabouts of her children, has a court date Friday in Idaho.
While the location of JJ Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, who haven’t been seen since September, remains a mystery, their mother will be transported from Hawaii to the Madison County jail in Rexburg, Idaho, where she will be held until her scheduled court appearance at 2 p.m. Friday.

Lori Vallow 5‘Cult’ mom Lori Vallow appearing in Hawaii court before extradition hearings on Wednesday, smiled her way through as she chatted to her attorney

She is facing two felony counts of child abandonment, obstruction, solicitation to commit a crime and contempt of court, according to authorities.

Last week Vallow waived her right to an extradition hearing following her arrest and a judge refused her defense attorney’s request that her bail bond be lowered to $10,000 from $5 million.
Prosecutors had argued that Vallow was a flight risk, pointing to the “extensive media attention” given to her case and her financial resources.
46-year-old Vallow’s arrest followed her noncompliance with a January court order to physically present her children before Idaho welfare workers or Rexburg, Idaho, police within five days of the order.

Lori Vallow 8Vallow sat through Wednesday’s proceedings apparently unperturbed with her arms folded in court

Vallow has been ordered back to Idaho to face felony charges of child abandonment in the case of her two children who have been missing for six months.
Vallow appeared smiling with wavy hair and blue nail polish  still on her toes as she appeared in court on the island of Kauai Wednesday, six months after her seven-year-old son Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow and 17-year-old daughter Tylee Ryan were reported missing.
She wore an orange jumpsuit and jail sandals as she chatted with her attorney after he evoked her fifth amendment rights for the journey back to Idaho that evening.
For the duration of the court proceedings Vallow remained with her arms crossed and looking unfazed as her attorney approached the judge.
The prosecutor Justin Kollar had told the judge that Idaho authorities would be returning Vallow to the state today.

Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan 1Seven-year-old Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan have not been seen since September. JJ was seen playing outside days before he went missing. Police in the city of Rexburg, Idaho, have said they ‘strongly believe that Joshua and Tylee’s lives are in danger’
Lori Vallow 6Lori Vallow was ushered into court on the island of Kauai, where bail was denied and her extradition back to Idaho was affirmed. She was due to be transported back to the state later Wednesday

Defense attorney Craig De Costa said in court that Vallow should not be questioned without an attorney ‘during the transit, while waiting for the plane, or when they land in Idaho.’

She is being held on $5 million bail, and her first court appearance in Idaho is Friday.
Police in the city of Rexburg, Idaho, have said they ‘strongly believe that Joshua and Tylee’s lives are in danger.’
Police also have said Vallow, 46, and her husband, Chad Daybell, have lied about the children’s whereabouts.
However, Chad Daybell has insisted that his wife’s two missing children are not in danger.
Authorities tracked the couple down in Princeville, Hawaii, and served Lori with a court order on January 25 requiring her to physically produce the children to authorities in Idaho within five days.
Lori failed to meet the deadline, prompting her arrest on February 20.

Lori Vallow in court 3Arms folded, Vallow averts her face from the camera as her attorney approached the judge to speak
The unusual set of events has attracted worldwide attention with revelations of her doomsday beliefs and a series of mysterious deaths.

The case includes investigations into three deaths.
First is the death of Vallow’s estranged husband, Charles Vallow, who was shot and killed in Phoenix last July by her brother, Alex Cox.
Cox, who claimed the shooting was in self-defense. However, He died of unknown causes himself, in December.
Cox’s sister Lori Vallow had moved her family from Arizona to Idaho in August, but another death was to follow before she wed her current husband in that period
In October, Chad Daybell’s wife, Tammy Daybell, died of what her obituary said was natural causes.
When Daybell married Vallow roughly two weeks after Tammy Daybell’s death, law enforcement became suspicious and had her remains exhumed.

Lori Vallow appears before judge 1Is she a black widow? Vallow is appears contemplative as her attorney informs the judge that she is evoking her Fifth Amendment rights on wednesday

Test results on Daybell’s remains and toxicology results from Cox have not yet been released.

Rexburg police questioned Daybell and Vallow about the missing children in late November, and when detectives returned the next day for a follow-up interview, the couple had left town.
In December, Idaho authorities asked police in Hawaii for help finding the couple.
On January 26, Kauai police served a search warrant on a vehicle and condo the couple were renting in the resort town of Princeville.
Kay Woodcock says her daughter-in-law started changing at least a year ago when she started taking trips to Idaho to meet with a religious group led by Chad Daybell, now Vallow’s husband.
Vallow reportedly believes she is ‘a god assigned to carry out the work of the 144,000 at Christ’s second coming in July 2020,’ according to divorce documents Charles Vallow filed before his death.

Charles Vallow and Lori Vallow 1The string of deaths kicked off when Lori’s estranged husband Charles Vallow seen, [left with her], was shot dead by her brother Alex Cox in Arizona on July 11
Chad Daybell's wife Tammy Daybell 1In October Tammy Daybell [right], the wife of doom’s day author Chad Daybell [left], was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Two weeks later Chad married Lori Vallow which aroused suspicion
Alex Cox 1Lori’s brother Alex Cox [photo] killed her husband Charles Vallow in ‘self-defense’ in July. He was dead himself in under mysterious circumstances on December 12

She and Chad Daybell were involved in a group that promotes preparing for the biblical end times.
Police have conducted a multi-state search for the juveniles.
For JJ’s grandmother, this extradition is another step to finding that answer.

For the last two months, Kay Woodcock has been traveling nonstop getting her message out to the country. Finally, she will see the children’s mother face-to-face in Madison County court.
She says she’s feeling “optimistic and I’m relieved that she’ll be here. I just pray right now that God just takes the utmost care of her because I don’t want anything to happen to her, I want her here and healthy so she can face her charges.”
“JJ … I’ll do anything to get that boy back,” she said. “I believe he’s still alive.”
Not too long after the death of Vallow’s husband and JJ’s adoptive father, Charles Vallow, Woodcock says Vallow texted her one last time when she found out she was no longer the beneficiary of a $1M life insurance policy.
“Five kids and no money and is that why you want JJ,” Vallow told his grandmother. Woodcock says custody of JJ and money had no connection to each other. It wasn’t until late January when the Woodcock’s filed for guardianship of JJ.
The couple vacationed in Kauai since December, two months before police arrested Vallow, who wouldn’t cooperate with investigators.
Woodcock believes Vallow still hasn’t faced her new reality. “In her mind, I really believe she’s convinced herself that we’re evil. I do.”


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