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Bronx Pagans Motorcycle Club leader, Francisco Rosado, 51, shot dead in broad daylight by two assassins using silencer pistols; Hit could be linked to Pagans’ aggressive expansion efforts in New Jersey, or its long-standing feud with Hells Angels – Cops

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Law enforcement sources say assassination of Bronx motorcycle gang leader could be linked to Pagans’ aggressive expansion efforts in New Jersey, or its long-standing feud with Hells Angels
Francisco Rosado, 51, was gunned down in the Bronx on Saturday said by two assailants with silenced guns
The suspects fled the scene in a blue Jeep
Rosado was said to be the head of the Pagan Motorcycle Club’s Bronx chapter and his  murder prompted fears of a potential gang war should the suspects turn out to be members of a rival motorcycle club 
Francisco Rosado 3Francisco Rosado, [photo], the leader of The Bronx chapter of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, was shot dead by two masked gunmen on Saturday on his home turf in New York

The family of a motorcycle gang leader who was executed in broad daylight on a Bronx street over the weekend by two assassins carrying guns with silencers are speaking out, demanding that the killers be brought to justice.

Photos shared by the wife and daughter of Francisco Rosado, 51, on social media show a man with a shaved head and a face completely covered in tattoos.
But according to his wife Jeannie Rosado and daughter Amanda, beneath his tough exterior, the head of The Bronx chapter of the much-feared Pagan’s Motorcycle Club was a loving family man with ‘a heart of gold.’

Francisco Rosado murder on tape 7The assassins are caught on camera sprinting across the street, silenced guns drawn. The video does not show the moment biker gang leader’s position when he was shot, but when they were done Rosado is fatally shot in the head 

Surveillance video captured the moment the killers jumped out of a blue Jeep Cherokee and ran with their silencer-topped guns drawn toward Rosado standing out of the frame. The footage did not show the victim getting hit.
The assassins returned moments later, got back in the Jeep and sped away. As of Wednesday morning, no arrests have been made.
‘He had a short temper, but a heart of gold,’ said his widow said in an interview.  The couple had been together for 27 years. Jeannie Rosado who shares three grown children and five grandchildren, said the family is devastated by his death.
‘He was a hard-working man who provided for many people,’ she said.
Rosado worked as a building superintendent in Allerton, and in his free time ran the Pagan’s club in The Bronx – one of four major outlaw biker gangs in the US that has been linked to the production and smuggling of drugs.

Francisco Rosado and Jeannie Rosado 1The gang leader’s widow, Jeannie Rosado [right], said of her husband  Francisco [left] that he was a family man with a ‘heart of gold’ who loved his children and grandchildren
Francisco Rosado murder on tape 6Surveillance video from the Bronx, begins the action by showing a blue Jeep Cherokee carrying at least two men parked in the Allerton section on Saturday afternoon. The SUV had a stolen tag, cops said 
The men dressed in blue surgical face masks emerge from the vehicle with guns drawnTwo male suspects, faces covered with in blue surgical face masks emerge from the vehicle, guns drawn. The guns are equipped with silencers, the video shows 
Francisco Rosado murder on tape 4Murder done –  the alleged assassins sprint back to the get-away vehicle. The actual shooting is not captured in the frame. 
Francisco Rosado murder on tape 3The armed suspects get back in the blue Jeep Cherokee and speed off

Expressing hope that her husband’s killers would be tracked down, Jeannie Rosado said 
‘I pray every night they are brought to justice’.
‘I know my God will not fail me on that,’ she said.
A day after her father’s death, Amanda shared a heartwarming photo of her heavily tattooed dad cradling in his arms her two young sons.

Francisco Rosado killing 1Rosado, head of the Bronx chapter of the Pagan Motorcycle Club, was shot and killed by two masked men on Saturday afternoon,

Authorities probing the apparent gangland assassination, part of which was captured on security camera footage believe it could be linked to the Pagans’ recent expansion efforts in New Jersey and other targeted swaths of the Northeast.
The club is also engaged in a long and bloody war with the Hell’s Angels Motorycle Club, which, like the Pagans, double as violent street gang.
The Angels recently relocated their New York City headquarters from Manhattan to Throggs Neck, a move that upset the local Pagans chapter, as well as other motorcycle gangs.
On Jan. 2, multiple shooters on motorcycles, opened fire on the Angels’ Bronx clubhouse , but no one was injured. The shooters rode away and have not been caught, authorities said.

Pagan Biker club emblem 2Members of the Pagan Motorcycle Club are identified by the patch on their official jackets 

Investigators at the time said they were concerned the Angels would strike back before the culprits responsible for the clubhouse shooting were arrested.
Pagans members in the tri-state area are known to traffic drugs and run extortion rackets; illicit businesses that place them in direct competition with the Angels.
In October, New Jersey’s State Commission on Investigation held a hearing on the Pagans’ local expansion efforts, alleging the club had grown from 10 to at least 17 chapters since 2016, and aimed to become the most dominant biker gang on the East Coast.
Officials at the hearing said Pagan chapters are exclusively male and exclude black people from membership, while allowing certain Latino members.
The national club, boasting nearly 1,000 members, has also forged a loose alliance with the white-supremacist group the Aryan Brotherhood, officials said.
“Women are treated like they’re property,” commission investigator Nicole McCann said at the hearing. “’Pets’ are women who are shared sexually among the group. They’re typically given as many drugs or drinks as they want. It’s the lowest class of Pagan women.”


Investigators testified the Pagans were increasingly claiming territory once controlled by the Angels.

The Hell’s Angels are easily the world’s most famous biker gangs with an estimated 2,500 members. Many members have a hand in criminal enterprises ranging from drug running and production to racketeering.
The Pagan’s, who exclude black members, are widely believed to have ties to the Aryan Brotherhood and the Italian Mafia. The gang has a long rivalry with the Hell’s Angels


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