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Vicious Minneapolis gangster is arrested in murder-for-hire killing of rapper Momoh’s realtor girlfriend who was lured to a fake home showing before being kidnapped and shot dead on New Year’s Eve

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Fugitive mastermind is arrested after five months in murder-for-hire killing of rapper Momoh’s realtor girlfriend 
The plot involving possibly eight people led to local gangster Cedric Berry being charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping in the attack that killed Monique Baugh on Dec 31 in Minneapolis
Berry, 41, is accused shooting dead Baugh, 28, girlfriend of rapper Momoh who wrote song featuring Nipsey Hussle and had just posted a clip of hundred dollar bills spinning in a laundry dryer after signing a recording contract
Monique Baugh, 28, a Minneapolis realtor and girlfriend of rapper Momoh, was lured to a phony house showing, kidnapped and fatally shot in the face
Davis was indicted along with co-conspirator Cedric Berry, 41, on first-degree murder charges for the killing of Monique Baugh
She was abducted, tortured and shot three times in alley in Minneapolis on New Year’s Eve
Baugh was killed just hours after  a masked gunman believed to be Berry entered Momoh’s home and shot the rapper,with his two toddlers daughters nearby
Investigators say the elaborate plot involved at least eight people, including Berry’s wife Shante Davis and Elsa Segura, a former probation officer 
Momoh, who had just recorded song featuring Nipsey Hussle, told cops he believed that he was targeted after flaunting ‘a lot of money’ on his social media 
Investigators are looking at a dispute over a record deal between Momoh and a friend who has not been mentioned 

At least eight people were involved in varying degrees in the plot revolving around a dispute over a record deal between Baugh’s boyfriend, Minnesota rapper Jon Mitchell-Momoh, known by his stage name Momoh, and a fellow rapper, investigators said.
Police believe Momoh was the intended victim of the alleged plot.
He was shot and wounded at the couple’s home while their two young children were nearby. The children were not hurt.
The suspected gunman is in federal custody on an unrelated charge, according to authorities. So far, no official charges have been filed against him in the Baugh case.

Rapper Momoh's house 1Momoh was shot multiple times by a masked gunman inside the home, [photo], that he and Baugh shared with their two children in Minneapolis 

Realtor Monique Baugh, 28, was found ‘gravely injured’ from gunshot wounds in an alley in Minneapolis on December 31. Berry, who has previous convictions for drug dealing and possession, reportedly bound her hands before shooting her in the face and torso at close range.

Berry has also been charged with the attempted murder of Baugh’s boyfriend rapper Momoh the same day. Police said Berry had entered Baugh’s home wearing a black mask and shot at Momoh while the musician was with his two daughters, aged one and three, at around 5.30pm on New Year’s Eve.
The rapper, who who had just released a song featuring the late Nipsey Hussle, was allegedly shot multiple times before Berry fled the home. Momoh survived and called police.
Around an hour later, three gun shots were reported four miles away from Momoh’s home. Responding officers arrived to find Baugh ‘gravely injured’ from three gunshot wounds in the alley.
Momoh told detectives he believed that he was targeted either because he had been flaunting ‘a lot of money’ on his social media accounts or that people suspected him of cooperating with police, according to court filings.
Investigators later learned Momoh had a dispute with a former friend over a record deal and that man may have ordered the hit on him, according to a warrant.

In mid-January, Elsa Segura, 28, a former probation officer, was charged with one count of kidnapping for allegedly luring Baugh to her death.
According to the charges against Segura and Davis, Baugh received a voice mail from an unknown phone number on December 29, 2019, from a woman named ‘Lisa’ who requested a showing for a home. The caller said she wanted the showing ‘maybe tomorrow morning.’

Elsa Segura 1Elsa Segura’s voice allegedly set up the hit

Baugh later received several calls from that number which she ‘found this very odd.’  ‘She expressed to others that she did not know how this person obtained her personal phone number,’ according to the complaint.
Police traced the phone number to Segura, whose voice was ‘verified by law enforcement personnel who were personally familiar with her.’
Baugh arrived to a house viewing in Maple Grove at around 3pm. A short time later, a U-Haul truck parked near the garage of the property.
CCTV footage was said to have captured a person appearing to force another into the back of the van before departing.

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