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Colorado cop who placed Elijah McClain in a deadly chokehold is fired along with two of the three Aurora cops seen laughing in photos as they re-enacted his death at the site of his killing, a third officer resigned

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Three Colorado are cops fired as investigations into the police killing of Elijah McClain escalates beyond Aurora police to include the state and FBI
The cops fired include the officer who placed McClain, a 23-year-old black man in a deadly chokehold 
Elijah McClain a physical therapist was killed by three white policemen in Aurora, Colorado on August 24
The victim was placed in a deadly chokehold is fired along with two of three cops seen laughing in photos as they re-enacted his death at the site of his killing after the third resigned
He was walking home from a convenience store when someone called 911 to report that a man walking on the street ‘looked sketchy’ – three officers arrived on the scene
Jason Rosenblatt, Nathan Woodyard and Randy Roedema held McClain in a choke hold and McClain died 
Rosenblatt applied the carotid chokehold – for fifteen minutes as McClain pled for his life.
The cops who tampered with their bodycams, joked while the 23-year-old  asthmatic vomited, and threatened to set a dog on him for not lying still enough as he was dying. 
Three other officers – Jaron Jones, Erica Marrero and Kyle Dittrich – posed for a ‘re-enactment’ photo at the spot of the killing just as police were dispersing activists holding a vigil for the slain physical therapist
Jones resigned on Thursday, while Marrero and Dittrich were fired on Friday for their part in the staged scene
Jason Rosenblatt did not participate in the staging of the photographs but was also fired on Friday for possessing them – Ironically Rosenblatt was not fired for his role in the killing, but rather for receiving the image and reacting with derision
The other two cops involved in McClain’s killing – Nathan Woodyard and Randy Roedema – remain on the Aurora police force  
Erica Marrer [left],Jaron Jones and Kyle Dittrich 1Colorado police officers Erica Marrero [left],  and Kyle Dittrich were fired on Friday for appearing in the insensitive photo, which McClain’s family said was ‘a new low’ for the Aurora PD. Jaron Jones resigned from the Aurora police Dept on Thursday for staging the ‘re-enactment’ photo

One of the three Colorado policemen involved in the killing of Elijah McClain in August was fired on Friday, after receiving photos of officers fooling around and re-enacting McClain’s killing, which were shown to McClain’s family.
Jason Rosenblatt was fired on Friday for receiving the photo, to which he responded: ‘Ha ha ha”.
The day before another officer, Jaron Jones resigned from Aurora police for staging the disturbing images. His two co-workers, Erica Marrero and Kyle Dittrich, were fired on Friday for appearing in the photo.
The image shows Jones pretending to choke another officer, while Marrero and Dittrich look on and laugh.
The police union reacted with anger to Rosenblatt’s firing, saying he was only terminated for receiving the photos, which he had no part in making, and saying there had not been sufficient investigation.
McClain, 23, a massage therapist who loved animals and who taught himself to play the guitar and the violin, serenading animals to soothe them, died after police held him in a choke hold in August. 

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