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Families of Seattle couple whose dismembered bodies were found stuffed in a suitcase by teens making a TikTok video vow to find killer, create REWARD fund to help find their murderer

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Families of young couple whose dismembered bodies were found last  month stuffed in a suitcase, by teens making a TikTok video, offer reward money help find their murderer
Video posted in June shows a group of young people opening a suitcase they came across at Duwamish Head in Seattle, Washington
The teens hoping to discover valuables in the suitcase, called police after a horrible stench wafted from the luggage once opened
Suitcase was found to contain dismembered remains of Jessica Lewis, 35, and her boyfriend of eight years, 27-year-old Austin ‘Cash’ Wenner 
King County Medical Examiner determined both victims were shot dead on June 16, three days before TikTok users found their remains  
Gina Jaschke has launched GoFundMe to raise money toward $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest person who killed her niece and the boyfriend
Jessica Lewis, [left], and her boyfriend, Austin 'Cash' Wenner, [right] 1Human remains found by TikTok users in Seattle in June, have been identified as belonging to mother-of-four Jessica Lewis, [left], and her boyfriend, Austin ‘Cash’ Wenner, 27 [right]

Two dismembered bodies found stuffed inside a suitcase in Seattle by teenagers making a TikTok video last month, have been identified as a mother-of-four and her boyfriend.
Now their families are raising money to offer as a reward for information leading to the arrest of their killer[s].
The decomposing remains of Jessica Lewis, 35, and Austin ‘Cash’ Wenner, 27, were discovered group of youngsters making a TikTok video on Seattle’s Alki Beach on June 19.
The video shows two teenage girls discovering a suitcase containing body parts on a Seattle beach, and police later confirmed that the body parts inside were the remains of Lewis and Wenner, who also lived in Washington State. The teens used the Randonautica app, which randomly sent them to the location.
The TikTok users who found the suitcases containing the victims’ dismembered bodies alerted the authorities and posted video online.
The King County Medical Examiner has since determined that both Lewis and Wenner had been shot on June 16, three days before their remains were found, reported KIRO7.
‘Something traumatic happened that changed my life,’ TikTok user UghHenry wrote in the caption of the video.
The discovery was near Luna Park on June 19, according to the Seattle Police Department. The social media user used the hashtags ‘crime’ and ‘murder’.
‘We found this black suitcase. We were joking that maybe the suitcase would have money…[But] the smell was overwhelming,’ the video captions explain.
In the clip the amateur videographer is heard tell one girl: ‘Open it! It stinks, yo.’


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