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White Virginia trooper is being investigated after video shows him ‘terrorizing’ a black man during a traffic stop

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Virginia state trooper, Charles Hewitt  is being investigated after resurfaced video shows him ‘terrorizing’ a black motorist during a traffic stop
Black motorist Derrick Thompson, 28,  filmed his encounter with Virginia State Troopers after they pulled him over in April 2019, at the popular Tysons Corner in Fairfax County
‘You’re going to get your a** whooped!’ – Footage shows Trooper Charles Hewitt make a physical threat against Thompson before he was arrested 
Hewitt put Thompson in a chokehold to remove him from the vehicle ,even as the motorist was saying ‘Sir, get off my neck! I am not resisting! You are harming me!’ 
Thompson’s attorney has now sent the video to the State AG’s office, kicking off an investigation
Trooper Hewitt has now been placed on administrative leave as the calls grow, demanding that he should be charged and fired
That encounter was ‘the worst thing I’ve gone through in my life’ – Thompson

‘Take a look at me. I’m a f**king specimen right here, buddy. You are getting on my last nerve. You are gonna get your a** whooped!’ Hewitt then replies.
‘Sir, my hands are up, I’m not threat… I feel unsafe. I have just been threatened by an officer as two other officers stand by and say absolutely nothing,’ Thompson subsequently states.

Additional officers arrive during the encounter between Trooper Charles Hewitt and black motorist Derrick Thompson 1As the confrontation between  Virginia State Trooper Charles Hewitt and Derrick Thompson, escalates, additional officers arrive on the scene .Thompson places his phone on the dashboard to record the event 

Thompson refuses to step out of the car, repeatedly saying that his hands are up and that he is no threat to the officers.
At that point, Hewitt reaches over and unlocks Thompson’s seat belt and yells: ‘I’m giving you to the count of three!’
He then looks directly into the camera and states ‘Watch the show folks!’
Hewitt grabs Thompson around the neck and removes him from the car. At that point, the phone falls and the vision is obscured, but audio is still able to be heard.
‘Sir, get off my neck! I am not resisting! You are harming me!’ Thompson repeatedly states.  

Thompson was subsequently arrested for misdemeanor obstruction of justice without force, and plead guilty in a district court earlier this year.
However, Thompson’s attorney, Josh Erlich, has now sent the video footage to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring accompanied by a letter saying his client was ‘unconstitutionally harassed’.
Erlich also shared the clip to his Twitter account earlier this week, saying Thompson had been ‘terrorized’ and ‘assaulted’
The lawyer told The Washington Post that Thompson had also suffered cuts to his face during his arrest.

Posting on Trooper Charles Hewitt threatening black motorist Derrick Thompson 1Thompson’s attorney, Josh Erlich, recently sent the video footage to Virginia AG Mark Herring accompanied by a letter saying his client was ‘unconstitutionally harassed’

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