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Georgia woman who ‘kidnapped her ex’s girlfriend, and shot her dead in Alabama with the help of three men’ charged with murder, as police say Demetria Johnson’s killing of love rival Tameka Skinner was’ ‘fueled by jealousy’

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Demetria Johnson, 30, has been arrested and charged with capital murder in the July 27 killing of her love rival 39-year-old Tameka Skinner in in Russell County, Alabama on Monday The
The mother-of-two from Columbus, Georgia, ‘kidnapped her baby daddy’s new girlfriend and shot her dead across state lines in Alabama with the help of three accomplices’
Police say Johnson’s plotting the slaying of her love rival slaying was ‘fueled by jealousy ‘
Three men, Shaun Johnson, 40, Joshua Tolbert, 30, and Jayvonn Phillips, 23, have also been arrested and charged as her accomplices in the plot
Tameka Skinner was the girlfriend of Johnson’s ex-boyfriend and father of her two children, Martea Pettway
Pettway and Skinner were assaulted at an apt complex in Columbus that they had been house-sitting in the early hours of Monday
Skinner was abducted by four assailants who then stole her vehicle car  and fled across state lines where they shot her and attempted to burn her vehicle, police said
Police captured the four suspects after they were spotted in a suspicious car near to where the missing woman’s car had been spotted
The suspects wrecked their vehicle after a high speed chase, as they attempted to fled from cops
Police recovered a gun from the vehicle that police say was used to kill Tameka
After their first appearance in court in Russel County, Alabama on Wednesday, all four suspects who are facing possible death penalties were held without bond
The four suspects will face kidnapping and robbery charges in Georgia, but the capital murder charges in Alabama take precedent.
Demetria Johnson 1Murder suspect: Demetria Johnson [photo], has been charged with capital murder in the July 27 Assault and Kidnapping of 39-year-old Tameka Skinner in Columbus, Georgia, that led to her shooting death in Russell County, Alabama, hours later

A 30-year-old woman from Georgia has been arrested by police in Alabama after she allegedly masterminded and carried out a plot to kidnap and kill a love rival who was dating the father of her children.
Two days after allegedly killing the Columbus woman, four suspects facing the possibility of the death penalty made their first court appearance Wednesday morning. Circuit Court Judge David Johnson ordered all four co-defendants held without bond and appointed legal counsel to each one. 

Authorities say Demetria Johnson was ‘jealous’  of he ex’s  current girlfriend Tameka Skinner so she created a diabolical scheme to have her rival killed.
Johnson has been arrested and charged with capital murder in the July 27 Assault and Kidnapping of 39-year-old Skinner in from a home in Columbus, Georgia, that ended in the shooting death of the victim across state lines in in Russell County, Alabama.
Three male accomplices have also been arrested
Police say  Shaun Johnson, 40, Joshua Tolbert, 30, and 23-year-old Jayvonn Phillips, 23, have also been arrested  after investigators say they volunteered to help Demetria

Tameka Skinner 2Tameka Skinner, [photo], was found shot to death in Russell County, Alabama on Monday,  hours after she had reportedly been kidnapped from a home in a Columbus, Georgia, apt complex that she had been house-sitting with boyfriend in what cops said was a jealousy induced murder scheme

Johnson execute out the murderous scheme.
According to Russell County Sheriff Health Taylor ‘Tameka [Skinner] was dating Johnson’s ex-boyfriend, father of her two children and she wanted her out the picture’.
‘Seems to be an old fashioned jealously deal,’ Taylor said.
Investigators identified Demetria’s ex-boyfriend as Martea Pettway. The former lovers share two children together.
Johnson investigators said, was incensed after Skinner began ‘questioning her parenting skills’ to Pettway the two love rivals had ‘some issues in the past’.
‘Demetria just wanted [Skinner] out of the way and not dating her ex. So, Demetria recruited the three guys to help her kidnap and take her over to Russell County and kill her,’ Sheriff Taylor said.
Demetria Johnson, Sean Johnson, and Joshua Tolbert all of Columbus, and Jayvonn Phillips of Seale, Alabama are charged with capital murder and kidnapping.

Demetria Johnson 2Murder suspect Demetria Johnson [photo], is escorted into court for her first court appearance on Wednesday morning

According to detectives Skinner and Pettway were assaulted in the early hours of July 27 at a home in the Huckleberry Hill Apartment Complex in Columbus that they were house-sitting.
Pettway was said to be injured in the assault, reported to have taken places just after 1:00am, but he was left at the apartment complex.
Tameka, meanwhile, was dragged out from the home and her vehicle was stolen by her abductors.
‘I can only assume she didn’t want to harm [Pettway] because he’s the father of her children,’ Taylor theorized.
Pettway then frantically dialed 911 to report to police what had happened.
Investigators were later alerted to a possible sighting of Tameka’s car across the Alabama state line.
Deputies from Russell County were on their way to locate the car when they noticed another suspicious vehicle on Porter Road early Monday.
The vehicle took off when investigators attempted to make contact and a high-speed chase ensued n Highway 169 to Wetumpka, Alabama.
‘Once the vehicle reached Wetumpka, Alabama, they wrecked, and all four individuals inside were taken into custody,’ Taylor said.
A few hours later, Tameka’s body was located in a wooded area in Russell County just after 11:30am on Monday. Her vehicle was located a few miles away from where her body had been dumped.

Shaun Johnson, [left], Joshua Tolbert, [center], and Jayvonn Phillips, [right] 1Killers: Shaun Johnson, [left], Joshua Tolbert, [center], and Jayvonn Phillips, have also been arrested and charged after investigators say they volunteered to help Demetria Johnson carry out the kidnap and murder of love rival Tameka Skinner on Monday 

One of the suspects reportedly protested his ignorance of the murderous ending to the plot, his pleas was contradicted by police findings.  “I did not kill that girl or kidnap her. I’m not that type of person. I’ve got a son myself. I’m sorry to the family,” one of the suspects said as he was being taken from the Russell County Sheriff’s Office to the Russell County Jail.
However, according to Sheriff Taylor, the alleged killers attempted to burn the victim’s vehicle and conceal it but were unsuccessful.
Police also recovered a handgun from the wrecked vehicle Demetria and her three alleged accomplices had been apprehended in. Taylor said he suspects the handgun was used to kill Tameka.
‘I feel like I can prove who pulled the trigger, but I don’t want to release that right now,’ the Sheriff said. ‘We don’t have any evidence to show she paid them anything. She just asked them [for] help, and they agreed to help.’
Taylor added that he believes Demetria had been planning the murder for at least a week.
‘We have a couple of statements that said the intention all along was to kidnap and kill her. What boggles my mind is we have gotten to a point in our society where life has absolutely no meaning whatsoever,’ he added.

Tameka’s family members in media interviews spoke of their devastation and heartbreak over the violent acts that brought an end to their daughter’s life, remembering her as ‘very joyful, humorous and caring.’
Sheriff Taylor said after speaking with the family, ‘I promised our office would do everything we could do get justice for Tameka.’
Tameka had children of her own, two teenage daughters aged 16 and 17.
The four suspects who remain behind bars at the Russell County Detention Facility, appeared before Circuit Judge David Johnson at 11:00am on Wednesday morning.
Judge Johnson ordered all four suspects to be held without bond after their court appearance on Wednesday.
The four suspects will face kidnapping and robbery charges in Columbus, but the capital murder charges in Alabama take precedent.

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