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Ct. Orthodontist, 41, is charged with attempted murder after hiding in her ex-fiancé’s new girlfriend’s car and slashing her neck with a razor – Alika Crew, then posed as ‘a Good Samaritan wanting to help,’ when onlookers gathered

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Orthodontist, 41, is charged with attempted murder after slashing victim’s neck with a razor blade causing significant and ‘possibly permanent damage to the neck

The attack allegedly happened in New Rochelle, Ct, on July 28

Dr. Alika Crew allegedly hid in the backseat of the victim’s car, lunged and slashed her with a razor blade, then posed as a ‘Good Samaritan who wanted to help’ when help arrived

Crew 30-yer-old victim is in her ex-fiancé Kurtz Howel’s girlfriend. The pair had previously ended their relationship

Police said after the knife attack Crew left the scene, but soon returned as strangers offered help to the victim

Witness told police Crew approached the seriously injured woman, telling the victim she was a doctor and offered to help

Video shows the victim yelling ‘She’s lying! It’s her,’ at Crew was taken into custody by police at the scene

Crew has pled not guilty to the charges and is out on bail after posting her $200,000 bail

New York orthodontist, Dr. Alika Crew [photo], 41, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing her ex-fiancé’s new girlfriend

A New York orthodontist has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly assaulting her ex-fiancé’s new girlfriend then posing as a Good Samaritan who wanted to help her. 
The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office announced the indictment of Alika Crew of New Rochelle, Ct., on Thursday. 
Crew, 41, is accused of stabbing and seriously injuring the woman, in a stabbing attack on July 28.  The unnamed woman authorities said, is in a relationship with the Dr. Crew’s ex-fiancé, 35-year-old Kurtz Howell

Man in the middle: The victim is the current girlfriend of Crew’s ex Kurtz Howel [Photo]

She allegedly attacked and slashed her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend from behind after hiding in the the victim’s car. Crew lunged at the woman by lunging at her from a crouching position behind the driver’s seat in the victim’s car. The attack was captured on surveillance camera.
The victim managed to escape from inside the vehicle but she was caught by Crew after a short chase.

Crew then sliced the victim’s neck with a razor blade causing significant and ‘possibly permanent damage to the neck,’ according to authorities.  
Crew also left injuries on the victim’s hand, which was cut when the victim tried to push her away. 

The assailant Alika Crew [backing camera wearing black], pretended to help her victim as neighbors crowd around

Authorities said the alleged attack occurred a few blocks from where Crew and her ex-fiancé were still living together as the victim drove away from the house after spending the night. 
At the time of the attack, Crew and her ex had broken off their engagement.  
As the bleeding woman starts screaming a passing motorist stops to offer help and neighbors gather. The assailant, Alika Crew, is seen approaching the injured woman who is backing away, pretending to offer help to her victim.

Assailant:  NY Orthodontist Dr. Alika Crew [photo], ambushed and sliced a perceived love rival’s neck with a razor blade, in Connecticut, causing significant and ‘possibly permanent damage to the neck,’ authorities said
The victim rushes out to the street screaming and clutching her neck

In the aftermath of the attack, which was caught on surveillance camera. Crew left the scene as neighbors came outside to help the victim.
The new girlfriend is seen on surveillance footage, screaming out for help after being stabbed.
Crew then reappears in the footage, approaching the retreating woman as neighbors come outside to help the victim.
As the injured woman backs away, Crew approaches telling the victim she can help as she’s a doctor.
However the victim screams out that she is the one who attacked her as neighbors crowd around.

After the attack, Crew left the scene as neighbors (seen above) came outside to help the victim
‘She’s lying! It’s her’: Crew [backing camera in black], is seen approaching the victim saying she can help as she’s a doctor who points her out as the assailant

Surveillance footage showed a driver stop to offer the victim help around the same time a homeowner stepped onto her porch to call 911. 
That’s when Crew, who practices orthodontics at clinics in Queens and Stamford, Connecticut, returned moments later and ‘pretended to be an additional concerned neighbor’. 
According to witness, Crew walked toward the victim, saying: ‘I’m a doctor.’
But, when the victim saw Crew, she began to yell: ‘She’s lying! It’s her.’
When police arrived, the victim pointed Crew out as the attacker.
The knife woman was arrested her at the scene, while the victim was taken to a local hospital.
The victim suffered two serious cuts from a razor blade during the attack, just missing an artery in her neck. Her injuries are so serious they required surgery.
Police are still piecing together the events leading up to the attack.
We’ve learned they believe Dr. Crew had duct tape and rubber gloves as she allegedly hid in the victim’s vehicle before the attack.

Alika Crew [photo], has been charged with second degree attempted murder, multiple counts of assault, unlawful imprisonment and criminal possession of a weapon
Crew [center], pled not guilty at her court appearance in Westchester County, NY on Oct 7. She is out on $200,000 bond and is scheduled to make her next court appearance on Nov 2

Crew was charged with second-degree murder, as well as three counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault and first-degree unlawful imprisonment. all of which are felonies. 
She was also charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor. 
The homeowner who called 911 later told local reporters that the incident had already been reported as a dog bite. 
A surprised neighbor said ‘Alika was a really sweet person’. 
‘She seemed kind and nice and spoke to everyone, and we’re just shocked and just praying for her,’ the neighbor added. 
She is out on $200,000 bail, but is scheduled to return to court on November. Dr. Crew comes from a family of high-achievers, Aiello reported. Her mother is a retired school principal in Washington DC
. Her father is a renowned historian with the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Her younger brother is also a dentist.

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