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Governor says mayor who was accused of ordering kidnappings by her police chief in Veracruz, Mexico probably knew assassins who abducted and executed her Wednesday morning

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Mayor Florisel Ríos was murdered in Veracruz, Mexico, on Wednesday

Ríos, the mayor of the municipality of Jamapa, was been kidnapped just hours earlier on her way to work and her body was found in Medellín de Bravo

Miguel de Jesús, the former police chief of Jamapa, was abducted in July

de Jesús accused Ríos of ordering kidnappings while he was being questioned on video

The 43-year-old top cop, who was seen blindfolded in the video, has been missing ever since  

Reacting to the assassination, Veracruz Governor Cuitláhuac García said the mayor most likely knew her assailants

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Florisel Ríos [photo], the mayor of Jamapa, Mexico, was kidnapped and murdered Wednesday. Her request to Veracruz state secretary Eric Cisneros for additional security because she feared she would be attacked, after her city’s police had been disarmed was denied

Florisel Ríos, mayor of a town in the Mexican gulf coast state of Veracruz was found dead Wednesday just hours after she’d been kidnapped at gunpoint outside her home.  
Authorities discovered the body of the politician lying on a dirt pathway in the city of Medellín de Bravo on Wednesday. She had been shot twice in the head
According to Mexican digital news outlet Silla Rota, Ríos on her way to work at the Jamapa city hall building when a vehicle intercepted her on a remote road.
News outlet Grupo Reforma obtained a copy of an audio message in which Ríos claimed she had asked a Veracruz state secretary Eric Cisneros to provide her additional security because she feared she would be attacked and her city’s police had been disarmed. 
However, Cisneros told her that he would only return the police department’s firearms if her fugitive husband, Fernando Hernández, turned himself in.

Police seal off the site where the body of mayor Florisel Ríos was found Wednesday after she was carjacked and murdered in the town of Jamapa, Mexico

The date of the audio in unknown but the recording could have come after a judge issued a warrant on November 5 for the arrest of the mayor’s husband Fernando Hernández, on corruption charges.  
Veracruz Governor Cuitláhuac García said that a preliminary investigation found that Ríos most likely knew her captors who forced her to follow them before they executed her.
‘It has to do with the circle close to the mayor, derived from criminal proceedings that have been followed against (current) and former municipal public servants,’ García said.
‘The evidence that we have already strengthens a line of investigation, and it has to do, unfortunately, with the mayor’s inner circle.’
Former treasurer María Pérez and former director of public works Carlos Pérez were arrested November 4 on corruption charges, but they were released from custody while the state prosecutor’s office conducts the investigation.  

Fernando Hernández [left], a fugitive wanted on corruption charges lamented he was not present the moment his wife Florisel Ríos [right] was abducted and killed Wednesday in Veracruz

The mayor’s husband is accused of misappropriating funds in 2018 during his role as the director of Mexico’s National System for Integral Family Development in Jamapa. 
The fugitive posted a Facebook message and lamenting that he was not with his wife when she was abducted and murdered.
‘We are in a Mexico that if we work right, we are wrong. And everything is blamed on organized crime,’ he wrote.
‘I love you Florisel and I swear I would have died with you. We would have not gone out alone.’
‘Now if all those people who found us are happy, God bless all of them who did this to you,’  Hernández added.
‘We are innocent and I scream to the four winds that we have worked and we knew to save for the old age we always dreamed of. I am sure they will look for me. Do not worry, I will arrive myself.’ 
The couple have three children. 

Jamapa police chief Miguel de Jesús, appeared blindfolded in a video in July [photo], accusing mayor Florisel Ríos of orchestrating kidnappings

In July, Jamapa’s kidnapped police chief Miguel de Jesús appeared in a video with part of his face blindfolded and accusing Ríos and other municipal officials of ordering the abductions of area residents.  
Authorities have still not been able to find de Jesús. 

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