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Chilling video caught man arriving and shooting his ex to death as their 3-year-old daughter screams outside L.A. home

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Video footage shows ex-boyfriend shooting woman to death as 3-year-old girl screams outside a home in Los Angeles, CA

LAPD are searching for the shooter identified as the victim’s former boyfriend, 46-year-old Herbert Nixon Flores

Flores fired multiple shots at the woman with a semi-automatic handgun

The shooting was caught on Nest video footage, in which a man can be seen pulling up behind a vehicle in a driveway

The victim, identified as 35-year-old Karen Ruiz, appears to be retrieving something before she spots the assailant, screams and starts running towards the front door, calling out for help

The assaiilant is shooting as he chase her – Several shots can be heard, and the victim is heard yelling for help

Flores shot his ex in the presence of their young child

The screaming and crying of a child is audible in footage, and a male voice from inside the home, saying, “he killed her”

Police are searching 46-year-old Herbert Nixon Flores [photo], the victim’s former boyfriend, who allegedly fired multiple shots at the woman with a semi-automatic handgun

Police in Los Angeles are searching for an unhinged killer who was caught on camera fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend Thursday as the former couple’s 3-year-old daughter screamed in horror just feet away from the scene, authorities said.
The disturbing surveillance video begins with the victim trying to get the girl out of a car in a residential driveway when she sees the man parking right behind them. The woman, identified by police as Karen Ruiz, 35, immediately ran toward the house before the gunman chased her with a semi-automatic handgun and brazenly fired multiple shots, the video shows.

The cold-blooded killer could be seen shooting the victim even after she was down — and while their child could be screaming from inside the car.
The Los Angeles Police Department identified the shooter as 46-year-old Herbert Nixon Flores. They asked for the public’s assistance in finding the man but warned that he is considered “armed and dangerous.”
The killing happened around 9:30 a.m. in the city’s Pacoima neighborhood. Ruiz had parked outside the home to drop off her daughter with a babysitter, according to local media reports.

Flores shot Karen Ruiz Ruiz at close range multiple times, killing her in the presthe gunman ran back to his car and drove away, the terrifying footage shows.
Flores is seen shhoting and chasing Ruiz before he left her dead, in front of their three-year-old daughter and fled, leaving the toddler screaming

After shooting Ruiz at close range multiple times, the gunman ran back to his car and drove away, the terrifying footage shows.
Police said the victim was pronounced dead by paramedics a short time later. The child was not injured.
The 3-year-old is now safe with family members, according to police.
The shooter’s motive remains under investigation, but Flores has a history of domestic violence and had a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting the woman, police said.
The suspect is described a Hispanic man with black hair and brown eyes. He stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 220 pounds, according to police.
Flores had allegedly been stalking and threatening Ruiz for months, officials said.
“The relationship was violent,” said LAPD Detective Sharon Kim. ”She had several reports made against him over the years and most recently she took out a restraining order against him due to some violent acts he committed against her.”
Flores is considered armed and dangerous and, if seen, the public is urged not to confront him or attempt to apprehend him but to contact law enforcement immediately, police said.
“He has a violent criminal history. He is an MS-13 gang member,” Kim said.
Flores is a Hispanic male with black hair and brown eyes. He is about 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighs around 220 pounds, according to police.

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