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Pennsylvania family of four including two sons, aged 7 and 14, are shot dead in murder-suicide – two weeks after their dad bought a gun

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Family found dead in West Whiteland Township, PA, identified as Deepak Kulkarni, 50, his wife Arti Adya, 47, along with their sons Shubham Kulkarni, 14, and Sharvil Kulkarni, 7

All four were found shot dead in the basement of their home Sunday by police performing a welfare check at relative’s request

Police sources say Deepak had bought a gun two weeks before killings

Neighbor said in recent times the usually friendly and talkative Deepak seemed distant and ‘not his usual self’

Arti’s brother said Deepak had canceled family events without explanation in recent months and asked him for a loan in December

Deepak worked for a decade as a software analyst, while Arti was a software developer

Married 18 years, they met in India before relocating to US

A family of four who were found dead from a murder-suicide in West Whiteland Township home, PA, on Sunday were identified as Deepak Kulkarni [right], his wife Arti Adya, [second right], their sons Shubham Kulkarni, 14, and Sharvil Kulkarni, 7

A couple and their two sons were found shot to death in their southeastern Pennsylvania home over the weekend.
Chester County police officers performing a wellness check found Deepak Kulkarni, his wife Arti Adya, their sons Shubham and Sharvil dead in the basement of their home.
The tragedy which authorities said appears to be an apparent murder-suicide, happened two weeks after the Deepak Kulkarni had purchased a gun. 
Police went to the West Whiteland Township home after relatives from New Jerseyy called shortly after 12.30pm on Sunday to report being unable to contact the family in several days. 
Responding officers entered the residence through the garage and found the bodies of a man, a woman and their two sons in the basement, Detective Scott Pezick said.

The alleged murder-suicide that claimed the lives of Deepak Prabakhar Kulkarni, his wife Arti Madhusudan Adya, as well as their two young sons happened two weeks after Deepak bought a gun

The county coroner’s office identified the West Whiteland Township family as 50-year-old Deepak Prabakhar Kulkarni, his wife Arti Madhusudan Adya, 47, and their two boys Shubham Deepak Kulkarni, 14, and Sharvil Deepak Kulkarni, 7.
All four sustained gunshot wounds, but a final determination of the cause and manner of death are pending autopsies and further investigation, the coroner’s office said.
‘This terrible tragedy has annihilated a family,’ Coroner Christina VandePol said, expressing sympathy to relatives and neighbors.

Police performing a welfare check at the request of a relative discovered all four family members shot to death in the basement of their West Whiteland Township home [photo]

The family had lived in the Mountain View Drive residence for two years, although they had lived in the township prior to that, Pezick said.
‘The initial investigation and evidence at the scene indicate that this incident is the result of a murder-suicide and that there is no threat to the community at large,’ township police said in a statement. 
Police have not formally identified the shooter in the murder-suicide, however, Kulkarni had bought a gun just two weeks before the murder-suicide, police sources said. 

Officers entered the home using a garage opener that was found in one of the family’s vehicles

Relatives and other people who knew the family said they had noticed a change in Kulkarni, saying that he seemed distant as of late.
The family kept to themselves but according to one neighbor Kulkarni was in the habit of taking daily walks to break the tedium of the coronavirus quarantine.
When she last saw Kulkarni, a few days before the tragedy, she told 6abc, the usually friendly and talkative man seemed ‘not his usual self.’ 
Arti and Deepak, married for 18 years, met in India before moving to the US to pursue careers in tech.  
According to his Linkedin profile, Kulkarni had worked for more than 10 years as a software analyst at Education Management Systems.
His wife was employed by the University of Pennsylvania as an application developer.

A neighbor said that the usually friendly and talkative Deepak (right) seemed distant and ‘not his usual self’ in the days preceding the tragedy 

Both their sons attended Collegium Charter School – a tuition-free, K-12 public school in Exton.
‘Shubham and Sharvil will remain as valued members of our school community and will be forever loved by their teachers and classmates,’ the school said in a statement. ‘We stand with those that grieve their loss and will miss their presence immensely.’
Arti’s brother, Anand Adya, told the Inquirer that in the months leading up to the killings, Kulkarni had canceled planned family events without offering an explanation.
‘It was obvious she wanted to meet, but he didn’t let us,’ he said. 
He also revealed that in December, Kulkarni, whom he described as friendly but secretive, asked him for a loan.
Adya said whenever he asked his sister if anything was wrong, she would says no. His sister he said was a ‘model citizen’ and the most devoted wife, mother, sister and daughter.

Shubham, [left] and Sharvil, [right] both attended Collegium Charter School – a tuition-free, K-12 public school in Exton

He last saw his sister and her husband during a group Zoom call on January 17 celebrating their father’s birthday.
‘There was no inkling that things weren’t perfect,’ he recounted.
Adya became worried for his sister and her family when he had not heard from her in over a week, and so drove to their rental home to check on them. When he knocked on the door and got no reponse, he called the police, who made the grisly discovery in the basement. 

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